Love is in the Air: An Adventurous Elopement on a Highline!


June 4, 2021

High school sweethearts Jacob and Chelsea were raised in Austin, Texas. Having such a long term relationship and bond means they have never-ending trust… and what better way to celebrate that love and trust than with an elopement on a highline which they set up at Pace Bend Park.

“We met in high school but we really connected when we came across each other swimming in Barton Springs” Chelsea told us. “Jacob was slacklining across the springs and I asked if I could try and if Jacob had any pointers for me on how to stand up on the line. Afterwards, Jacob was forced to memorise my number because neither of us had phones on us at the time nor did we have anything to write with. The stakes were high. Our first date was a slackline picnic at nearby Zilker Park and the rest is history!”

Chelsea wore a Stella York dress which she bought from Blue Bridal in Austin. “Wearing a wedding dress while highlining was easier than I thought it would be”, she continued. “I was so nervous I wouldn’t even be able to stand! The skies also parted perfectly so that the sun came out at the exact right time for the photos of us on the highline.”

The best part of doing their wedding this way was that other than their photographer, ThirdEyeSamuel, and outfits, there were very few other costs. “We had no venue and no people to plan for! It was a low to no stress day. We wouldn’t have done a thing differently, everything came together effortlessly and we couldn’t be happier.”