A Simple Adventure: An Intimate Glencoe Elopement

David Grant Simpson Photography

November 23, 2019

Seema is a geologist, so when it came to planning her and Luke’s wedding they couldn’t think of any better place to be wed than in the wild outdoors, surrounded by nature and rocks! 

They wanted a simple, intimate experience for their wedding day so chose to elope to Glencoe in Scotland while they were on holiday in Europe. Sandwiched between adventuring around Ireland and Iceland in May 2019, they kept everything focused on using the beauty of their surroundings to capture some really unique photo opportunities! 

It was a short hike to Signal Rock, where the couple said their vows. Their officiant, Neil, created a personal ceremony by incorporating stories about one another. “The oath-stoning was very symbolic as we may come back to Signal Rock one day far in the future to renew our vows,” said Seema. “The thought that the stone will still be standing strong is lovely, a real testimony to our love and the vows we made.”

They then explored the local area, taking in the scenery and setting up shots to capture some incredible portraits. “Taking the photos was the highlight of our day,” said Seema. “There’s something about being forced to look into your new partner’s eyes for what feels like a very long time so the photographer can work their magic. After a certain moment, it really does become magic, because you feel like you’ve never been closer. I just wish I could have slowed down the clock, because you blink and the day is done.”

A trans-atlantic elopement didn’t come without it’s stresses, though. Coordinating all the details in different time zones and currencies was stressful, and it was quite difficult to go off of blind-faith, since they weren’t able to visit any of the places nor meet anyone involved ahead of time. “We just stuck together as a team though,” said Seema. “It’s important to remember not to let the details of one day become a point of contention in your relationship. This is the happiest day of your lives!”