Urban Disco Glitter Party with a Rock n’ Roll Twist

Dave Fallon Photography

February 8, 2024

Embracing the spirit of Rock n Roll Bride, Kirsty and Paul ditched the conventional wedding playbook for their day which reflected their unique personalities and love for music. Their celebration at Saint Luke’s & The Winged Ox, a venue known for its musical heritage, was a perfect blend of Scottish tradition, disco balls, fairy lights and the gritty urban backdrop which they really wanted.

“We always knew we wanted a ‘grittier’ kind of venue and with a love of music, Saint Luke’s was perfect for us as it has had so many great bands play there”, Kirsty told us. “We had a crazy photo shoot in the Barrowland area which was beside our venue. We had wanted an urban setting as a bit of a juxtaposition to being all dolled for our a wedding and it just do happened that Celtic had just won the league and it was very much a party on the streets of Glasgow.”

Their ceremony featured a ring warming, handfasting and the drinking of the Quaich. Their celebrant, Katie, delivered a ceremony that felt like a perfect representation of their relationship, filled with laughter, cheers and even a few happy tears from Paul. Their dog, Motley, was well and truly part of it too; wearing his doggy kilt and standing up the front with them the entire time. A very ‘them’ moment was their exit song choice – Love is Blind by Paris Hilton!

After their shoot around Barrowlands, which was actually Kirsty’s favourite part of the day, came their lively reception. They started with a ceilidh and then the night transitioned into a proper party with a musical mix of disco, indie, rock and metal.

“We decided to not do some traditional aspects such as a cake or booking a hotel to spend the night before apart”, Kirsty continued. “These were not important to us so we just didn’t include them. We did DIY our wedding stationery and table name décor, but the venue didn’t need a lot of decorating. I also chose to not spend a lot on my dress, and found a dress on ASOS that I fell in love with. I decided instead of buying an expensive dress to buy some designer shoes which I would be more likely to wear time and time again.”

Kirsty and Paul’s wedding was a labour of love and they really enjoyed the entire process, with many DIY elements that brought their vision to life. “We tried to make all bits of planning fun by making an event of decision making with mini celebrations along the way”, she concluded. “The hardest part was budgeting, and if we’d had more to spend we would have liked our photographer there all day and have the DJ for longer, but other than that I wouldn’t change a thing!”