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Sci-Fi vs Neo-Gothicism Wedding at Bran Castle

I can all but guarantee you won’t have seen a wedding quite like this one before! Sijin and Paul had a big budget, seriously creative wedding complete with the bride arriving on horseback! They were legally married on August 17th at Lambeth Town Hall in London (not pictured). Following this they had their main celebration at Bran Castle in Brasov, Romania!

The bride wore TWO amazing one-of-a-kind dresses, made for her by Brighton-based designer Joanne Fleming. Her accessorises were something else too – a seriously impressive headpiece, shoulder pads (!) and a skeletal-inspired corsete that she wore over her second, 1930s inspired gown. These were all made by Osipa Agnieszka Philippe Pfeiffer. Her shoes were from Gianvito Rossi. The groom wore head-to-toe Dolce & Gabbana.

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The Man I Married

How exactly do you condense ten years of marriage into a few simple sentences? The ups, the downs, the soul-crushing hard times and the heart-elevating incredible ones?

It’s almost impossible not to just reel off clichés about how he’s my rock, my reason for living, my soulmate and my best friend. But I’ve come to learn over the years that clichés are clichés because they’re true. All of them. And Gareth is all those things and so much more.

So, I’ll keep this short and sweet (for once!)

The man I married is strong, humble, smart, hard-working, generous, kind, intelligent beyond belief and so fucking handsome I can’t quite believe my luck.

The man I married looks at me most days with a combination of bemusement about my latest crazy idea, a subtle eye-roll at my desperation to get it off the ground RIGHT THIS SECOND and a glint in those baby blues that says “It’s a good job I think you’re pretty…”

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Transforming My Wedding Dress for Our 10 Year Anniversary

In four days Gareth and I will celebrate our TEN YEAR wedding anniversary. I can’t quite believe it! A DECADE.

With such a momentous milestone coming up, last year I started to think about ways we could celebrate. While moving over the summer, I pulled my wedding dress out of the back of my wardrobe to bring it over to the new house and I realised, bar a few photo shoots at the start of my blogging career (anyone remember these?!) it’s pretty much sat there, collecting dust and getting all moth-eaten, since then. It’s actually kinda sad when you think about it. You spend such a happy, important day in this dress and then it’s either sold on, trashed or, like mine, relegated to the back of a closet.

So, my dress wasn’t the most ‘out there’ wedding gown you will have ever seen and the fact I rocked some Converse was pretty fucking revolutionary (the pink veil photo was a shoot, I wish I’d been brave enough to add some colour to my actual wedding day look!) But when I was looking for a dress in 2007 the wedding industry was such a different place. In fact I don’t think I saw ANY dresses that weren’t strapless. I mean, I’m sure they existed, but without a resource like Rock n Roll Bride to guide me I had no idea where I’d even look for something more alternative.

My dress was by Sottero and Midgley, and if I’m totally honest, it was the first one I tried on that I didn’t absolutely hate. I asked the shop if we could replace the original baby pink sash with a black one which it caused quite a few raised eyebrows! How very edgy. Also, can you believe we had a monochrome themed wedding? Oh how things have changed!

So here I was, almost a decade later, planning for our big anniversary and wondering what we could do to mark the occasion. People ALWAYS ask me what we’d do differently if we were getting married now (hint: E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G) and so I thought it would be really amazing if I could rework my dress and turn it into the kind of gown I’d like to wear if I was a 2018 bride!

There was only one lady I wanted to help me with this project: Jo of The Couture Company, based in Birmingham. Now usually The Couture Company don’t upcycle other dresses, all their gowns are made to order, totally unique and made exactly to the bride’s ideas and specifications, BUT she’s a friend and so when I told her my idea she jumped at the chance to be involved! I went up to see her late last year with my dress in tow and we came up with a plan of attack.

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The First Bridal Collection from Collectif: Wedding Dresses for Under £70!

Left: Flora Occasion Swing Dress
Right: Maxima Floral Occasion Top & Leilani Pearl Tulle Occasion Skirt

One of the thing I’m most proud of with Rock n Roll Bride is our position to encourage brides to do whatever they want for their wedding. We’re not in the habit of passing judgement on who you marry, how you marry, and definitely not on how you spend your money. Want to drop £3000 on an incredible designer gown? Do it! Prefer to get something handmade by an independent British designer to your exact specifications? You go girl! Or maybe you’re the kind of babe who wants to run out to the high street and grab the first dress that takes your fancy? This is your wedding and you do it your way!

Using our position as an authority in all things alternative in the world of weddings is not something I take lightly. I am all about presenting the options and letting you and only you decide which is right for you. Which is why I’m thrilled beyond belief to have partnered with the amazing Collectif to exclusively share the launch of their very first bridal and bridesmaid collection with you!

Allyn Bridal Maxi Dress

Established in 2000, Collectif is one of the go-to vintage-inspired clothing brands anyway, so it’s even more exciting that they’re branching out into bridal. You know their style, you know their quality, and you know that their price points are really reasonable for the quality of the pieces. Plus, they’ve brought their world-renowned quirkiness into each design. I mean would you just look at this beauty. This Flora dress has to be one of my favourites!

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Faux Flower Bridal Bouquets from Crown & Glory (+ Win a Set for You and Your Bridesmaids!)

My best babe Sophie sure is clever. Crown & Glory have been synonymous with flower crowns for as long as I can remember (and they’re the only flower crowns worthy of wearing IMHO) but for spring/summer 2018 they’re offering a brand new floral bevvy to get excited about – faux floral bouquets!

And the tagline, bouquets you won’t want to toss, could not be more perfect!

I am a massive fan of real flowers. Fancy florist arrangements, cheap half dead stems from the Morrisons sale bin, and my house is full to the rafters with indoor plants. But when it comes to your bridal bouquet, the idea of a faux flower posy is quite frankly genius. Not only will it not wilt and fade throughout the celebrations, but it will be something you can keep forever as a memento of the day.

Sophie, who dreamt up the idea when considering the flowers for her own wedding, agrees, “I absolutely love the work that florists do, but just couldn’t justify the expense for something that would last a few hours and then be thrown away. In the end I purchased fresh flowers from a wholesaler and we arranged them ourselves the night before the wedding. But honestly it was still quite expensive, stressful to do it ourselves and I felt guilty about the waste afterwards. Then I thought how brilliant it would have been if we had faux flower bouquets, that looked just as good as the real thing, but could have been assembled in advance.”

There are a variety of different colourful designs, including year-round peonies (no longer will only July brides be able to carry this popular stem!), adorable ranunculus, sumptuous roses and their signature style – the Meadow Bouquet, which is designed to look as if you’ve collected your flowers from a field (without all the fuss!)

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Self-Care for Reluctant Brides

It can be extremely difficult to plan a wedding if you struggle with depression or anxiety. With all the potential for extra stress its important, now more than ever, for you to pay attention to being good to yourself. Lauren McMillan, who writes about life, the universe and mental health on her blog is here to talk to us about how you can get through it and still plan the wedding of your dreams.

Whenever anyone talks about self-love, the 13-year-old that governs my sense of humour guffaws. Images of funky smelling bedrooms and sticky tissues. Yes, that type of self-love is encouraged and encompassed by the term, but there are far more wholesome aspects too.

Before a wedding was even on the horizon, you may well have found me at intervals throughout the year having fallen arse first from the self-love wagon, dazed and crying in my pyjamas at midday. If you ordinarily struggle with depression or anxiety, a wedding can be just the thing to heighten the effects. Weddings and the planning of them can be fucking stressful and, in turn, stress can cause you to self-neglect.

As a child, I did not really dream of that special day, the one all little girls are supposedly born to prepare for. I would dream of being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey and having a boyfriend with a motorcycle instead.

In my early relationships, I longed for commitment, love and partnership but my expectations were about as high as ‘don’t cheat on me’, ‘call me your girlfriend’ and ‘buy me a present at least once a year that isn’t stolen, illegal or lube’. If someone achieved one or more of these things, part of me would freak out. I always yearned for commitment when it was an unattainable goal but when it was in my grip, the weight of it felt burdensome.

Just before I met Mike, my future plans were ‘be single forever’, ‘rent a nice flat with a pink and mint colour palette’ and ‘have a pug named Shelby’. We were both at a place in which our previous relationships had diminished our desire to settle down and we were learning to be single again. Rather inconveniently, we fell in love.

We talked about marriage fairly early on and we knew we would do it at some point but both felt it wasn’t necessarily a huge deal to us – our ongoing relationship was what felt important. Not giving too much of a shit was a relief. Then, a year ago, he proposed.

I had no idea, literally no idea. In fact, he was down on one knee on Brighton beach with a ring and I still didn’t suss it out. I was too busy trying to light a cigarette in windy conditions and moaning about pebbles in my shoe. Then, I noticed shiny diamonds and loudly shouted, ‘WHAT?!’

To those around us, it must have seemed like it wasn’t going well, but it was. We wanted to be married – that was the easy part. I said ‘yes’. I then walked around for three days in a confused state of bliss, shock and what I can only describe as paralysing fear.

Marriage doesn’t scare me. Our relationship has stood strong through both mental and physical illness and all the other curve balls life can throw at you (not to mention all the bloody marvellous times). I know exactly who he is, even in his darkest hours. I have no doubt he is the one I want to grow old with. I can’t wait be his wife. I feel like we already have the marriage, we just haven’t had the wedding yet.

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