An Edgar Allan Poe Themed Spooky Romance: TJ & Elizabeth

TJ & Elizabeth’s wedding had a spooky Edgar Allen Poe or “Spooky romance” theme as the bride described it,”Think Edgar Allan Poe meets the Addams Family!” she explained.

“Our inspiration basically just came from our relationship. We took things we love in our every day lives and tried to figure out how to incorporate them into our wedding. We wanted a vintage feel but wanted it to be a little on the darker side.”

“We utilized Etsy for a lot of our items not only to find things that were a little more unique and not mass produced, but to also help support independent artists. Friends and family all pitched in (we had the invites, flowers, my shoes, the cake and most decorations as gifts.)”

“We have a lot of artwork hanging in our home and one wall is skateboard decks by many different artists. Instead of the usual photograph that people sign my husband took one of the many blank skateboard decks he has and put a heart shaped photo of us on it.”

“All of the decorations and paintings were designed and made by my Man of Honor Jason Wheeler (with lots of help from my Bridesman Bill Snyder and a bit from myself, not to mention Jason’s family they were such a great help!)” continued the bride.

“We talked with decorators and looked elsewhere but nothing we saw really fit our style, plus the prices were outrageous. Instead Jason took matters in to his own hands. He definitely is the Martha Stewart of our group. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Our favors started out as cheap looking little plastic skull pails and I revamped them with a bit of paint.”

Thanks to TJ & Elizabeth and their photographer Kristi for sharing today.

Photography Credit: Kristi Odom Photography
Venue: Middleton Hall, Maryland
Bride’s Dress: Allure Bridals
Bride’s Shoes: AlaFemme on Etsy
Bride’s Headpiece: Baroque and Roll on Etsy
Groom’s Outfit: Men’s Wearhouse
Groom’s Boutonniere: DIY
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Pin Up Girl Clothing
Cake: Charles Street Bakery
Cake Topper: Paxon Gate
Flowers: Tina at Gateway Florist
Hair & Make Up: Cassandra Rada
Stationery: Kindly Spoken on Etsy


  1. Maxine

    Although its not completely my style i love this wedding! Its nice to see something different to the vintage tea cup Wedding, that is more my style but is being slightly overdone now.

  2. pickle

    I love this wedding! Especially the stuffed birds, feather shoes and masks..reminds me of what our wedding will be like 🙂

  3. Ummmm….so here is the thing….I just want to be as pretty as the bride. I mean, the amazingly rad wedding would be a bonus. Love the plague doctor mask in the final image.

  4. Ahh Thank you so much for featuring our wedding! I was sooo incredibly sick that day but Kristi did a fantastic job of hiding that haha.

    I met Kristi at a Bridal expo in DC and was instantly drawn to her photos. Her work was amazing. It wasn’t just beautiful, it made you feel the emotions conveyed in the photos (I was getting envious looking at the photos haha) and that’s exactly what we wanted. We had checked out other photographers, and yes there were a LOT that we thought were nice or did good work but none of them made us FEEL the way that Kristi did. Photography was one of the most important parts of our wedding because, after all is said and done, it’s really how you will remember that day. She was so amazingly wonderful to work with and we had a great time shooting with her.

    Part of our inspiration came from my younger days as well. My mom and I used to watch old Vincent Price movies together. The visuals and style of those films served as a backdrop for helping to bring the spooky romantic vibe we wanted to life. It was also my way of having her there and involved even though she’s no longer with us.

    Venue wise, we chose to have it there to make sure that certain family members could be there. his mother booked the place for us but we hadn’t seen the venue until 3 months before the wedding haha. We could’ve gotten married in the middle of the street for all I cared 🙂

    Also, with all of the links I sent somehow I omitted one! Our fantastic coffin ring holder was done by Etsy user

    Thanks again! I feel honored that you chose to share our special day with the rest of the Rock N Roll Bride world!


  5. Alison

    Anyone who wants a similar wedding style in the UK should consider Battersea Arts Centre as a venue – it was used for a piece of site-specific theatre a few years ago based on Edgar Allen Poe stories, The Masque of the Red Death. The audience wore cloaks and masks and were completely immersed in the experience – amazing. It has just the right gothic atmosphere for a wedding like this!

    BAC has a beautiful sweeping staircase which would make for great wedding photos, too…it was on my list for dream wedding venues but not within my budget, sadly!

  6. Thank you to everyone for the sweet words! I was so sick that day haha. I was hoping that it wouldn’t show too bad in the photos.


    That venue sounds absolutely beautiful!! Wish we were in the UK!


  7. Thank you again to everyone for your super sweet comments. We’re both far from the traditional couple and wanted to project that, especially since weddings are chock full of tradition 🙂 We couldn’t have pulled this together without the help of everyone involved. We are surrounded with truly amazing friends and family. I know I feel incredibly honored to be featured on RnRBride! Thanks!


  8. what an absolutely stunning wedding. i love the brides ink too. so gorgeous.

    i am loving this so much that it almost makes me want to change my ideal wedding plans completely. hahaa.

  9. Nici

    I have NO idea how you managed to be in my head but this is sooooo how I envisioned everything for my own wedding. So beautiful!

  10. lizzy

    I’m in love with them! its as if they cralwed into my head and planted this while i was sleeping, my dreams are filled with this wedding, but i could never put it all to gether the way i saw it, until now!! just Beautiful!

  11. Renee H

    Oh my! I love this wedding! I love it when people use their personalities…their REAL personalities like this! Way to go!

  12. Lisa

    Hello! Was just wondering where you came across your amazing centerpieces. I’m absolutely in love with them 🙂

  13. Elizabeth

    Lisa- the branch center pieces were all done by hand and the candelabras were a friend of mines that he had inherited from his old job.

  14. Victoria

    I am an American English teacher. His name is correctly spelled Allan as he was adopted by the Allan family. A common error.


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