Rustic Winter Wedding on a Farm: Katie & Nicholas

December 21, 2012

Stacy Paul Photography_ Nic and Katie215

Getting married on December 1st, Katie & Nicholas had a rustic winter themed wedding. The day was held at Karnes Stables in Florida. “According to our guests, our wedding felt like ‘Twilight’ meets ‘Pinterest’ which I am NOT offended by at all!” laughed the bride. “I wanted our day to feel magical and very comfortable and I think through the months of planning and creating, we achieved what we wanted perfectly. The hard work and creativity did not go unnoticed by our guests.”

Stacy Paul Photography_ Nic and Katie114

“We’ve always been very creative and didn’t want a normal clichéd or traditional wedding. Pinterest was a huge inspiration but we didn’t want to copy what everyone else had done. So we just brainstormed a lot on ideas how to make it feel like ‘us’. We hunted down every item at the Salvation Army and second hand stores and turned other people’s trash into our treasures!”

“The seating chart was made of an old window pane that we found at a junkyard and painted with chalkboard paint (which was super easy to do). My vintage brooch bouquet was a lot of work. We thrifted most of the brooches and used a Styrofoam ball to wire them all in. It took A LOT of brooches though so if you’re thinking of making one start looking for them right away!”

Stacy Paul Photography_ Nic and Katie36

Katie wore an elegant wedding dress from Allure Bridal. She went barefoot for the ceremony but bought some sparkly flats for walking around in. “My favourite thing about our wedding – besides my DRESS! – was the fact that my husband, mom and I put so much blood, sweat and tears (literally) into it all. We thrifted most of the items and my mom made my bouquet, the boutonnieres and the girls ‘flowers’ herself. The boutonnieres were made for each groomsmen with charms that matched their interests, so they were completely customized for each man.”

Stacy Paul Photography_ Nic and Katie34

“I wouldn’t change a thing about our wedding”, Katie concluded. “It was also pointless worrying about things going wrong as, in the end, our wedding day went off without a hitch. Anything that we were worrying about before completely vanished in the morning.”

“Your wedding day is an amazing day”, she advises. “Don’t feel pressured or defeated by the challenges of DIY. The fact and the feeling that you get from being so involved in creating this memory makes your wedding day ten times more special. Looking back on some of the difficulties and challenges we faced, we still wouldn’t of had it any other way.”

Stacy Paul Photography_ Nic and Katie166

Utterly stunning. Thank you to Katie & Nicholas for sharing their day with us and to Stacy Paul Photography for the pictures.