A Labyrinth Inspired Wedding with the Guests in Costume

Brian Robinson Photography

February 28, 2024

Amy and Sam’s wedding day was themed around their love of the film Labyrinth. They had a beautiful handfasting ceremony under an old tree and the guests embraced the theme and dressed to match! The evening even ended with the couple performing with their own band.

“We both loved the movie and soundtrack and thought recreating the semi-frightening Venetian masked ball scene from the film would be magical”, the couple told us. “We did lots of art for the wedding ourselves, it was one of the best things about the wedding planning. We made the talking doors, Firey heads, Nipper-sticks etc. Our friend made eyeball wall plants and we bought a giant Ludo Head sculpture.”

Legally married in 2020, during a tiny lockdown wedding, this day was their excuse to finally have the big, themed wedding of their dreams. During the legal wedding they walked down the aisle to the Labyrinth theme at this one they had a pagan handfasting ceremony under a giant tree and had friends and family call the corners. “The ceremony included setting fire to things and jumping over a broom that we made ourselves. A good friend in a big cloak read from a scroll that we also made.”

After the ceremony and photos with their venue’s resident camels and some owls, came a rowdy reception featuring cream tea, unlimited pizza, a blow up ‘disco bounce’, a DJ, live bands, a giant bubble machine, a low fog machine, a book for goblin drawings and Firey heads for people to put on! After everything wound down, they sat round a camp fire with friends and burnt magic coloured powder. “We had a dramatic, impromptu first dance to World Falls Down by David Bowie involving cloaks and everyone thought we had rehearsed it”, Amy said.