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Moody Labyrinth Inspired Wedding with Black Dress Code and Owls

As a child, Natalie adored the whimsical and dark artwork of Brian Froud that inspired the 1986 cult classic film, Labyrinth. Evolving that interest into a passion for costuming, Natalie, along with partner Gregory chose a similar dramatic inspiration for their wedding day.

Natalie explained, “All of our guests wore black, we had an extravaganza of florals hanging from the ceiling, and we even had bones and real mushrooms on our table scape as well as edible flowers in all the food for added whimsical appearance. Brian and Wendy Froud also acknowledged our wedding and wished us well!”

The couple wanted to weave as much of their own personalities through their day as possible, including through the ceremony music. Natalie told us, “The music for our pre-ceremony included string quartet covers of our favourite music from movies, video games, TV shows, etc. Greg’s procession was the first thirty seconds of the Halo theme while mine was the string quartet version of As the World Falls Down from Labyrinth. We wanted to keep the elegance of the classical music while celebrating our common interests.”

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Faded Arcadia Wedding With Historic Inspiration

Romany found Andy under a tree on Hampstead Heath at an ‘Alternative Picnic’ and a year and a half later they were engaged. Their wedding concept was inspired by rich fabrics, autumnal colours and the history of their venue, The Charterhouse in London.

Romany told us, “We wanted it to feel like a step back in time – candles everywhere. We wanted everything to feel timeless and romantic, as well as warm and cosy—but OTT and lux all at the same time. Originally our concept was ‘faded arcadia’, inspired by Victorian garden cemeteries. Our wedding was in Autumn (our favourite season) so we wanted that feeling of evenings drawing in and being cosy as well.”

Including personal moments in their day was important to this pair, and Romany chose a special tune to walk down the aisle to. She explained, “I walked down the aisle to a recording of the music box that my mum would put on to help me fall asleep when I was a baby. It’s a deeply personal music box to me, a beautiful sound I’ve known all my life, so walking down the aisle to that music meant a lot to me.”

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