Moulin Rouge Meets Dark & Romantic Soft Goth Fairytale

Let Me Show You Love

October 24, 2023

A love story that spans two decades finally culminated in a dark and romantic wedding day filled with glamour. Since Jamie and Chris’ story began in 2003, they wanted the day to be a true testament to their 20 years together. They included references to the groom’s favourite movie, Moulin Rouge and their love of the colour black.

The venue was The Sekrit Theater in East Austin, a backyard which the owner had designed and built up with so many unique areas. The ceremony was held in an abandoned greenhouse, they had a giant disco ball over the dance floor, huge cut out moon for photos and and a drive-in movie theatre screen (where they played Moulin Rouge of course). Celebrating with just 30 of their nearest and dearest, all dressed in black, this was an intimate wedding which felt 100% perfect for them.

The couple infused their special day with DIY magic and personal touches. Jamie’s Oleg Cassini dress was found at a thrift store brand-new for $99 (her best thrift store find ever!). The DIY projects were plentiful, from the handcrafted lapel pins to rose napkin origami, although the bride did admit she wishes she’s started them earlier! “All the projects took up so much time while we had friends and family in town”, she said, “I absolutely wish I was more present for them rather than being distracted by DIY. Doing your own flowers is not as cheap or easy as it looks! It took me the whole 3-year engagement to get them perfect to my liking but they are still used as decor in our home so it was worth it to me!”

Their reception was a relaxed affair, with Chris serving the BBQ himself. Particularly special moments including Chris’ dance with their 14-year-old daughter to My Hero by Foo Fighters and the end of the night when the couple had a moment to themselves. “At the very end, when the music shut off, thunder and lightning started with torrential downpours of rain”, Jamie explained. “Chris and I ran to the giant moon cut out and kissed in the rain. We had our first kiss in the rain at our high school, so we have always had this love for rain!”

Their advice to future engaged couples is simple yet important: choose a wedding that truly reflects who you are as a couple. “Honestly, I would say if you are stuck between a big wedding and a small intimate one, pick the small one!” concluded the bride. “It is so much more personal and you get to spend time with all of your guests. It’s also more cost effective. You can absolutely have a wedding for less than the industry standards. I always thought I wanted a big 150+ guest count and I do not regret having a smaller wedding AT ALL!”