Retro Pin Up Valentines Lovelies

With the day of hearts, flowers and lurrrve fast approaching, I have been inundated with Valentine’s themed submissions, however this retro/pin up shoot from Jen Will may well be one of my utter favourites.

The shoot took place in her own kitchen which was the perfect setting for the baking theme. “This is part of the reason I love my apartment.” Jen tells us “It is the coolest apartment ever, and my love for it is part of the reason I have yet to join the adult world of home ownership.  It has a bathroom that would probably rent out as a large bedroom in New York City and a classic stove that came straight from the original Be Witched TV show. No matter where I live in the future, I will always love this place. I am so glad I got to document it in such a special way!”


I have to agree… and seeing these really makes me want to get my arse in gear and decorate our house! Thanks to Jen for sharing these.

Credit: Jennifer Williams Photography & Jessica Frey Photography

Make up: Mary-Ann Jones – Email:
 Hair: Jenna of the Contere Salon in Bakersfield, CA – Email:


  1. You’ll be shocked to know that due to the high level of cake content in these photos, presented in such a fabulous cheeky Stepford way, I have actually died and gone to heaven.

  2. Wow..Kat, thanks so much for showcasing our photo shoot and thanks everyone for the awesome comments! It was so much fun and one of the few where Jen and I got to step in front of the camera alongside our awesome hairstylist and makeup artists! I keep wondering when I’m going to get to rock my red highheels again!

  3. Wow thanks everyone for your awesome comments! This shoot was a blast and I’m so glad Kat gave us the chance to share it with you all!

  4. Jenna

    Thanks to all the girls involved in this shoot! It was such a blast to work with you all!!! Thanks Kat for posting these amazing pics! Jen and Jessica made getting comfortable a piece of cake;) Mary-Ann ur the best, thanks for makin me a part of it all!


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