Polish Wedding Photographers’ Rock n Roll Las Vegas Elopement

Jamie Y Photography

January 25, 2023

As wedding photographers from Poland, Estera and Rafal wanted to do something which was totally different to the weddings they shoot for their own. They decided to fly to Vegas and elope and did everything themselves – the bride even made her own bouquet. They booked A Little White Wedding Chapel and hired Jamie Y to shoot it and that was it!

“The weddings in our country often look the exactly the same”, the bride told us, “where young couples succumb to the pressure from parents and their families. It’s really sad! We really liked the look of American elopement weddings so that’s what we wanted to do. Just the two of us, without any stress or family pressure. It was exactly as we dreamed it.”

They spent just $3,000 in total, including flights, and the bride found her dress on ASOS for $30 and she customised it to make it her own. The ceremony was a quick ‘drive-thru’ ceremony, where they sat in a pink Cadillac. “We picked the most popular ceremony at our chapel”, she continued. “It was very quick – maybe seven minutes!”

As wedding photographers themselves, their main consideration was who they booked to shoot the day, and they were thrilled with their choice of Jamie Y. “The best part of planning was the process of looking for a photographer and the best part of the day was the photo shoot, posing is my greatest hobby! We had a great time together and have a fantastic souvenir of our trip and wedding!”

“Just follow your heart”, Estera advises. “Do what you want and what makes you happy. It is your most important day so spend it in your way. Cheap weddings can also be unique and beautiful!”