A Rockabilly Las Vegas Wedding: John & Marnie

Australian John & Marnie spent six weeks travelling around the US for their honeymoon after their wedding in Las Vegas. They were in town for the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Festival and they loved the idea of getting married there. The ceremony was held at Little Church of the West, a quaint little ‘mini church’ looking chapel, right at the south end of the strip and the after party was at Level 107 Cocktail lounge in the Stratosphere hotel – right at the north end!

“After a year of travelling Australia following the rockabilly dance and culture scene, John proposed to me with a beautiful sapphire and diamond engagement ring”, Marnie told me. “It was my Grandma’s favourite stone and we decided to marry 70 years and 1 day after my Grandma and Grandpa did! Where possible, we incorporated elements that honoured our families (both alive and departed) into our wedding.”

“I used my creativity to create bespoke elements infusing our vintage rockabilly style into our wedding. DIY was a great way of infusing our style into our event, which, when you’re like us and love all things non mainstream, can be very difficult to source.” The bride even handmade her own dress and headpiece.

The couple stayed at the glamorous Cosmopolitan Hotel which is where they had their portraits after the ceremony. “Everything worked like clockwork”, Marnie continued. “Which was a massive achievement considering every single component of our US wedding was arranged through countless hours researching on Google and countless emails to our fabulous suppliers. I am the co-owner of Borrowed Blue, a bespoke wedding and events company catering to the needs of children, so my focus was on all things handmade and personalised.”

Marnie + John \\ Vintage Teaser from Lighten Films – 702.266.6226 on Vimeo.

Gorgeous! Thank you to John & Marnie for sharing their fabulous wedding with us.

Supporting Cast:

Photography Credit: Vitamin C Photo
Video Credit: Lighten Films 
Ceremony Venue: Little Church of the West
Reception Venue: Level 107 Cocktail lounge
Bride’s Dress: DIY
Bride’s Shoes: Betts
Hair and Makeup: Your Beauty Call


  1. Thanks Kat,
    This truly means the world to me! So honoured! Your blog was my BIBLE before our wedding.
    You’re such a doll.
    x the new Mrs Dowsett 🙂

  2. Natalie

    This is one of my favourite weddings you’ve featured! The bride looks stunning, I love her hair and makeup, so beautiful!! I love the venue backdrops in this set too!

  3. Wow the bride looks beautiful! What a brilliant outfit. Love the 50s feel to this wedding…they look really happy.

  4. Love this palette and the awesome tattoo birds (both as actual tattoos and the matching purse)! And those shoes… Definitely linking to this as a favorite on my blog this Thursday. Marnie and John – you two are too cool.

  5. Marnie

    Hi Kelsea, thanks lovely!!
    And Kim, the bag is made of recycled number plates from Little Earth. Very cool!

  6. Charlie

    Everything about this wedding looks gorge! Did you completely make the dress yourself? Or did you buy a white one and embellish? I am desperately trying to find a dress that length and shape! Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks 🙂 x

  7. Misty

    Beautiful and fun!! I’ld love to know more about the dress, like if she used a pattern what was it?

  8. Asia

    THIS IS WHAT IM LOOKING FOR! Basically exactly what I envisioned. I even have my own shoes. I just can’t figure out how to make my dress. Can anyone help me? Maybe someone knows of a similar pattern. I’m a bride on a teeny little budget.

  9. Marnie

    Hello gorgeous ladies who commented about my dress.
    I am so sorry for the tardiness of my reply. This is the first time I have looked at our album for a while 🙂
    My dress, head piece, sash and petticoats were hand made from scratch by me. No pattern used. I was blessed with the most divine of grandmothers who taught me to sew like a vintage gal!
    If you’re keen to find out more you’re welcome to email me at marnz77@hotmal.com.

  10. Janet johnston

    Hi could you please tell me where you got your handbag from would love this for my wedding on the 29th thanjs


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