Twin Peaks Wedding in Forks, WA

Chris M Stanton

November 24, 2022

Although Dean and Jason chose Forks, WA, as their wedding location, their style was definitely more Twins Peaks than Twilight. They curated a wedding inspired by the tv show including a lot of owls, a missing poster sign and even had a bridesmaid carrying a wooden log.

“Neither of us envisioned any kind of traditional wedding”, Dean told us “and we both tend to gravitate towards the strange and absurd. With that in mind, we also love Twin Peaks and found the perfect opportunity to channel all of that passion for the unusual into our ceremony. While not everything was derived from Twin Peaks imagery and references, a great deal of it was.”

The bride wore a custom black polka dot wedding dress with Vans while the groom opted for a deep maroon velvet jacket and black accessories.

They did away with almost all formalities. Jason danced down the aisle to Sexy Boy, which is Shawn Michael’s WWF theme song. The wedding party (all 18 of them!) followed to Sycamore Trees from the Fire Walk With Me soundtrack, with one bridesmaid and groomsman (who are married) having a showdown on the aisle for who was the better flower girl. They threw blue petals and handed out cans of cider to the guests. Dean then entered to the main Twin Peaks theme.

Jason’s brother, Andy, officiated wearing blue and red lensed glasses and holding a gold shovel, and finished the ceremony with the power vested in him by the Cannabis Church of Oakland and the Mushroom Church of Colorado! “He identifies as a Philosopher of Flora, Fauna, and Fungi,” the bride explained. “He also lit a huge joint after we exited the ceremony.” Jason’s vows were a particular highlight – presented on a huge tri-fold board which he’d made himself.

At the reception they served signature cocktails named after the three separate entities of Special Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks: The Return (Agent Cooper, I Am Dougie’s Coffee and Mr. C). “There was so much dancing and it was amazing to see everyone having a good time”, Dean said. “It meant so much to us just to have everyone there so the payoff of seeing them enjoy themselves was huge.”

“This whole thing has felt like a really extraordinary experience in what we accomplished together working as a team”, Jason concluded. “I really think that us planning our wedding together has brought us closer and made us better listeners and collaborators.”