Vintage Vegas Drive-Thru Elopement in a Pink Cadillac

Deidra Wilson

October 21, 2022

Inspired by all the Rock n Roll Bride Vegas weddings they’d seen, Kate and James wanted to celebrate their love of travel and each other, by eloping to Vegas. The couple wanted a day that celebrated them; keeping things simple and doing it all their way. The bride wore a stunning deep red pin up style dress and a deep pink veil, which she matched her florals to perfectly. 

Kate explained, “We’ve both been married before so didn’t want to have a big bash, and we both love to travel, and Las Vegas in particular. The whole point of going away was to keep things simple, but there was still quite a lot of planning needed! We also only wanted it to be the two of us, but my cousin and his wife happened to be in Vegas at the same time so joined us for the ceremony and meant we had some informal photos and a video to share with people back home on the day.”

Throwing themselves into the Vegas spirit, they knew they wanted Elvis, as Kate told us, “We knew from the beginning we wanted Elvis – he sang Wonder of You as we walked over to the car and then ended with Viva Las Vegas. It was a lot of fun! The vows were just the standard chapel ones but we both felt they were really meaningful and it was surprisingly romantic for such a short ceremony. It was our favourite part of the day. I was also really glad that I spent extra money on my own flowers rather than just relying on the chapel flowers as they really added to the overall style – and I am getting them preserved with Little Lo Floral.

Elopements, of course, give the chance for the two of you to simply spend the day together, and although Kate and James had a couple of guests for their ceremony, they chose to spend the rest of the day alone. Kate explained, “ We loved that it was only the two of us – our guests left us to it and we went for a romantic dinner at the Iconic Table 56 at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant overlooking the Bellagio Fountains at sunset. And the couple at the table next to us got engaged too which was really sweet!”

Opting for an alternative wedding meant endless range of outfit options! Kate told us, “I felt quite strongly I didn’t want to wear white and spent a lot of time trying to work out what I would wear, but I’m really pleased I opted for the deep red colour! I was worried I wouldn’t look ‘bridal’ enough but the veil helped with that – a deep pinky red one with sequins from Crown and Glory.”

Elopements can be anything you want them to be, and Kate advised, “Do it your way and keep it simple. Oh, and wear your shoes in before the day! Even though I had flats, after a couple of hours they were so painful I had to go and buy a pair of flip flops from the Paris Hotel gift shop!”