A Rustic Donnington Farmhouse Wedding for a Tattoo Artist

EKR Pictures

June 14, 2022

Liv and Owen met when he came in to get tattooed while she was working as an apprentice, aged 18. He got tattooed over the years by someone else in the studio, but every time he came in they would chat. It wasn’t until six years later that they went on their first date, but four years on from that they were married.

“The inspiration for our wedding was to have something homely!”, said Liv. “Our home is quite rustic and cosy and so when we visited Donington Park Farmhouse, we got the feeling of our home. Exposed brickwork, reclaimed wood, so beautiful in layout and the general aesthetic of the converted barn/courtyard was everything we could have wished for!”

As the Farmhouse suited the theme they wanted to go for already, they didn’t need to add much in the way of extra décor. They kept the styling simple with flowers in glass jars, wooden details and autumnal colours. Other than the flowers, the things they did bring in were all done by the couple themselves.

Liv continues. “We made the framed seating plan, the welcome sign on the mirror, the handwritten place names and the fabric on the chairs and tablets was bought from a small independent fabric shop in Chesterfield. We had to cut it into numerous rectangles to suit and then dress everything the evening before. Being hands on saved a lot of money and we worked directly with the florist rather than having a stylist for the day.”

“If we could go back in time, the one thing I’d tell myself that it’s going to be perfect no matter how much you stress beforehand!” Liv concluded. “Also, It’s our day so we should do whatever we want to be happy!”