A Jailhouse Rock Elopement in Melbourne

Paper Bear Photography

June 22, 2022

Corey and Brandon, from Melbourne, absolutely did not want a big, expensive wedding. Instead, they spent less than $5k (AU) to elope at The Altar Electric, a wedding chapel in their hometown. The venue provided all the décor and the Elvis officiant – they simply hired their photographer, found outfits and showed up!

Corey rocked a short sequin dress from Zara with Vans and a denim jacket (to which she added the patches herself), while Brandon was in jeans and also a DIY denim jacket.

“We were originally going to elope in Vegas but couldn’t because of COVID restrictions,” they told us, “so wanted to do something as close as possible to that. We wanted the day to represent us. We wanted it to be fun. We weren’t trying to be different just wanted it to be us.”

The day was also planned in only eight weeks! “Stuff does really go wrong”, Corey said, “so our advice to others would be don’t just give yourself 8 weeks to do it all! It was fun doing it all so quickly, but the time frame was stressful. It was a lot to organise and not everything we tried to organise happened. However, despite the chaos in the lead up, it was fun. Writing our vows were also really special.”