Bright & Sparkly DIY Vegas Elopement

Dan Bushkin Photography

February 7, 2023

With friends and family in both New Zealand and the UK, Bobby and Maxwell decided it would be impossible to have a wedding without leaving some people out. So, they booked a trip from one place to the other to see everyone, stopping at Vegas along the way to make it official.

The couple didn’t want to take their wedding too seriously so after realising they couldn’t have everyone there, they chucked out their old ideas and looked for something that was simple but still felt true to them.

It was really important to them both include a Whakatauki (Maori proverb) in their ceremony as the connection to Aotearoa (New Zealand). They also created their own vows, and Elvis serenaded them before finishing with a shot of vodka. A photo shoot followed and then they partied!

Having a a small celebration, the couple DIY-ed as much as they could. As well as her bouquet and Maxwell’s buttonhole, Bobby made her dress for only $50 (NZ)! “I’m particularly proud of my dress”, she said, “It used fabric from my mum’s wedding dress, a leftover covering from a chair, a big old diamanté necklace I bought in London years ago and a headband! I wanted it to be sort of Alexander McQueen meets Dolly Parton!” Bobby’s mum, who is a jeweller, also made their wedding rings. They decided to keep both of outfits secret from each other, having a big reveal on the day. 

An integral part of Bobby and Maxwell’s elopement was their photographer. As no-one else was there with them, being able to share their day afterwards with their loved ones vital. Their photographer, Dan Bushkin, was their biggest expense, it was worth every penny. They told us, “Dan and his wife Brie were with us for ages and they made getting photos lots of fun. Highly, highly recommend.”

Bobby and Maxwell said they had a “bloody brilliant wedding”, followed by a fantastic trip to the UK to see friends and loved ones who they hadn’t seen in a long time. Super-proud of how they managed to celebrate their uniqueness in such good style, they also made some amazing memories along the way.

The couple told us they wouldn’t change a thing about their trip, and advised couples considering a similar wedding, “Have a think about what you love about weddings and make that front and centre… And don’t skimp on a good photographer!”