Snowy Colorado Elopement at Sunset with Disco Balls & Champagne

McKenzie Bigliazzi Photography

April 25, 2022

Dani and Dacari had been discussing how their big day would look for a long time. Having been together for eight years, they decided to elope because, as they told us, “The stress of figuring out how to include everything and everyone started to chip away at something that was supposed to feel like magic – elopement was the best choice that we could have made for ourselves and our union. We wanted the freedom to commit to each other in a way that felt deeply personal and private.”

The simplicity of an elopement means you can pick and choose exactly what you want (and don’t want!) included, making it deeply personal to you as a couple. Dacari and Dani continued, “The best thing about planning our wedding happened after we broke outside of the expectation of things looking a certain way. We leaned into the idea of choosing things that felt right for us and that felt like fun–and that’s when things really started to fall into place. We enjoyed picking things out and envisioning what our day would look like.”

They had a $5000 budget, but saved money by thrifting and DIY-ing their outfits. Dacari told us, “We knew that we didn’t want to do something ‘traditional’ as far as attire was concerned, so we spent several months thrifting and shopping around the internet for pieces that we really liked and that we could use again in the future. We tried to find pieces that felt personal to us and didn’t just fit an idea of what you think a wedding should look like. The crown that I wore in some of my photos was DIY. I made it using a headband, zip ties, and some gold spray paint! We also made our own bouquets which was so much fun to do together!”

Of course, a key element of any elopement is a photographer that you get on well with, as they may well be the only witness! Dacari and Dani found Kenzie, telling us, “Our photographer was so much fun and it felt so natural to have her there with us, like a kindred soul, sharing in (and documenting) our love. It had to be the right person. Kenzie was SO amazing in working with us and we are so thankful for her empathy and willingness to meet people where they are, in hopes of giving them a magical experience – which is what it was!!”

Offering guidance for engaged couples concerned about planning their day, Dacari advised, “Have fun, love is worth celebrating. Your big day shouldn’t be packed full of stress and frustration!”

Adding, “Elopement is worthy of serious consideration – I wish we had just started there! I can’t imagine a ceremony in front of a lot of people being any more special than what our elopement granted us. Your day doesn’t have to look a certain way–make it fit who you are as a couple, and it will feel right! Also, don’t skip on a badass photographer that’s going to have your best interest at heart, like our girl Kenzie!!”