Fantasy Meets Steampunk Wedding

Balti Rėmeliai

August 30, 2021

Tania and Mir wanted to create their own fantasy world for their August wedding. “In our world, everyone should feel free and comfortable without any straight rules,” the bride told us, “and we strongly agreed on one thing – that was to avoid any stress in the lead up.”

For this pair, that meant pairing dreamy florals and rustic charm with their love of all things steampunk, and inviting their guests to join them! “Steampunk clothes were not a must for our guests, as we understand how hard it is to think of a costume, but we invited them to take part if they wished. To our amazement, the majority of our guests arrived in these amazing costumes. We were overwhelmed!”

Instead of heels, Tania kept things comfy in some custom-painted boots underneath her Kuraje dress, and held handmade iron roses instead of a traditional bouquet. Mir made his own steampunk hat, and wore an outfit by Aprangos Kodas.

Before their ceremony, they headed to a stone chip factory for unique wedding portraits, and then in a nod to covid-times, donned 17th century plague masks and walked down the aisle together to Johnny Cash’s God’s Gonna Cut You Down.

Their ceremony was held in an old barn, complete with vintage farming equipment and the sun beaming through the wooden walls. “One of my warmest memories was when we walked in to the ceremony together – we held each other’s hand knowing what love is.”

“Don’t let anyone stand between you and your vision for your wedding day,” the bride concluded. “Do what you want and change stereotypes. Keep most of the day a secret and let it be a surprise for your guests; not only will they appreciate it, but you won’t get unwanted opinions that way either. Don’t let planning turn into a nightmare, either. Know that some things will go wrong. but don’t let it stress you out. Be positive – as a 2020 couple, we know that you cannot control everything!”