Wild West and Steampunk Wedding: Sadie & Kyle

Rhema Images Photography

November 13, 2013


I always have a bit of a soft spot for Steampunk weddings. Although they’re not my personal style, I love how much effort the couples that plan them put in. The attention to detail is always incredible! Sadie and Kyle’s wedding at Fiddle Lake Farm in Thompson, Pennsylvania was no different.


“Our wedding was an absolute dream come true”, began the bride. “It couldn’t have been more perfect. We think the Steampunk theme really defined the wedding. Our theme was inspired by the Wild West and our own imaginations. We both have wild imaginations and having a theme really let us run away with it.”


“A lot of our clothes and jewelry was handmade”, she continued. “We also made all the signs for the reception by getting some reverse lettering cut in vinyl from a local sign shop, sticking it to the sign, and painting over it. It made for clean edges and was pretty inexpensive.”


“Our greatest expenses were the venue and photographer. As professional photographers ourselves, we knew we needed to pick the PERFECT photographer to capture this day. We had to pick between Kyle’s all time favorite who lives across the country and two local photographers. In the end, we went with a local photographer, Rhema Images Photography, and couldn’t be happier.”


“The venue captured our hearts instantly and we knew right away we had to get married there. Not only that, but they had a deal with a local antique vendor who let us decorate with his products. The venue also had TONS of things we needed and didn’t have to rent.”


“We wouldn’t change a single thing about our wedding”, she concluded. “Kyle panicked a little when the weather forecast called for rain a few hours before we were scheduled to shoot the bridal portraits, so we sped up the timeline, got ready several hours early and prepared for the first look and portraits. This ended up meaning our family got all the last-minute details done (shout out to Brandon for setting up a killer arch) and we got to spend a lot more time taking amazing photos. It was more relaxed and gave us tons of time to shoot.”