Hawaiian Paniolo Meets Modern Hawaiian Royalty

J Tang Productions

May 24, 2021

This shoot took place Camp Palehua, at their highest cabin which overlooks the westside of O’ahu, in Hawaii. A group of local vendors, who wanted to give homage to the old Hawaiian paniolo (cowboy) style mixed with a modern take on Hawaiian royalty.

This was a opportunity to think out side of the box when planning your wedding here on the islands”, Zabrina of The Gay Agenda Collective, who planned and styled the shoot, said. We also wanted to showcase that you do not need much to have a beautiful wedding. All really you need is you and your partner, lots of love, and if you’re lucky, a stunning view.”

“For this reason, we choose to shoot at Camp Palehua, a 1600 acre conservation and agricultural land located on the southern slopes of the Wai’anae Mountains. When you drive up you are welcomed by roaming livestock and rolling clouds. This was the creative canvas that we were able to paint on. It doesn’t take much to make this space beautiful, but we decided to still add in colourful floral arrangements of local tropical flowers that mimicked the flowers seen on Pā’ū Riders (female horseback riders).”

“We hope this shoot inspires couples when planning a wedding in Hawai’i, you don’t have to gravitate just to a wedding on the beach. I have had the pleasure of working with a number of venues on island that you wouldn’t believe are in Hawai’i. Sometimes going for the obvious wedding hall or venue isn’t the best option. Instead we have found that finding a location that maybe doesn’t seem ‘wedding material’ and making it your own, has the biggest impact. I hope it inspires couples to think outside the box and be creative with their wedding day.”