The Night Sky, Skulls & Rock n Roll Inspired Tipi Wedding in the Rain

Henry Lowther Photography

February 2, 2021

Brad and Joolz chose 27th July 2019 for their wedding so didn’t think they’d have to worry about the weather… however the universe had other ideas! Despite having a mostly outdoor day planned, and it being scorching hot the week before, it chucked it down all day. Rather than stress about it through, they grabbed some umbrellas, moved their ceremony inside the tipi and embraced the chaos.

“If there was one thing I had repeatedly said for the year leading up to the wedding, it was that I wanted a beautiful hot summer wedding and no rain!” Joolz began. “Well, it rained non-stop ALL WEEKEND but oh how we didn’t care! When it comes down to it, after all the planning, stress, organisation, creating, making and everything else that you think is important, it turns out none of it’s important at all. When I stepped out of the car my brother drove with my dad, ducked under my umbrella laughing with the girls in the rain, it all just seemed so trivial and ridiculous! We were about to have the best day of our lives, and the rain just made it all the more special.”

“All of this spectacular weather was captured perfectly by our photographer, Henry
. WOW, he is something special! If there was one thing I definitely learned form all the amazing wedding statements I’d read in Rock n Roll Bride, it was to make sure you have a great photographer – and holy crap did we get the best! Henry just captured the day perfectly and Brad and I had the best fun running around and being our
ridiculous selves in the storm with our umbrellas at the ready!”

The bride planned the day herself, and wanted a mini festival feel with elements that felt like ‘them’. She loves the star and moon motifs and they both love skulls so that’s where her inspo began. She explains, “I love anything to do with the night sky, skulls and Rock n Roll, so I basically spent two years collecting things from second hand shops to dress a venue with. In the final weeks leading up to the wedding, I handmade all of the centrepieces by using ethically sourced deer skulls, pieces of sponge and bags of moss and dried leaves.”

“Our favourite times are those spent with friends and family have always involved a bonfire in my mum’s garden, camping, great music, yummy food, with amazing company. So, when it came to the theme of the wedding I wanted to amplify that.”

The day was held at Lester Meadows in Cheshire and they hired tipis and furniture from Tipi Unique. This ended up being the biggest chunk of their £12,000 budget, but the saved on their outfits (her dress was ASOS, his suit was Burton), the flowers (DIY from bunches bought at the supermarket) and catering (their next door neighbour who happens to be an amazing chef!)

“I think we smashed the DIY!” she continued. “I even made the star and moon clips that went in the bridesmaids’ hair. A lovely family friend Angela made our handfasting rope and Brad made and painted all the signs that directed everyone to the country field venue. Our invitations were designed by my AMAZING graphic designer friend Rosa for free. All of the plates and cutlery were bought from eBay, and they were 100% organic
biodegradable, made from wood and palm leaves and only cost £30.”

“Looking back, we have zero regrets”, Joolz concluded. “Do we wish it hadn’t rained? Sometimes! But then we wonder if it would it have been as busy on the dance floor. The main thing was that we had the best day ever, no matter what.”