A Handfasting Glastonbury Tor Wedding with a Lord of the Rings Twist

Pagan Photos

December 10, 2020

Sarah and Robbie chose Glastonbury Tor as the location for the intimate handfasting. Due to Covid, they scrapped their plans for a big party, instead focusing on the ceremony with just a few loved ones in attendance followed by photos at Glastonbury Abbey. Overall, they were inspired by the colour green and Tolkien but as Sarah is a Priestess and herbalist, this played a huge role in their choice of ceremony, too.

It all kicked off at 6pm, “It was such an amazing day”, the bride began. “The sun shone, there was a cool breeze and we had loads of onlookers but we didn’t care everyone was so respectful and kind it made it feel more magical. Our ceremony was tailor made for us by Goddess Temple Weddings.”

“We called in our ancestors and respective deities and then went through each element which represents a part of our relationship. During this, a friend or family member does an ‘elemental reading’, talking about what love means to them or a story about the couple. There are significant symbolic actions taken during each element such as sacred smudging, (air), the lighting of the Candle representing the couple’s passions (fire), the consuming of chalice well water (water) and the vows/promises and exchanging of rings (earth). We were then handfasted to our own hoop and wand, which symbolises the feminine and masculine, using white and red ribbons. Each guest is given a piece of ribbon at the beginning and they put all their well wishes into it throughout the ceremony. It’s at this point they are invited to tie it onto the hoop and wand binding us together.”

Of their £7000 budget, their biggest cost was the brides dress and cloak, which came from Dress Art Mystery. However it was exactly what she wanted and although they did have to pay customs charges to get it delivered to the UK, she felt it was totally worth it! They saved a lot by not having many guests and by making their favours (laser cut leaves that had each guests’ name on attached to Lord of the Rings themed candles bought by by The Reading Room Candle Co.). “We saved £3000 on catering by having less guests”, Sarah continued. “We also didn’t have any extra reception décor so having a Covid wedding wasn’t all bad!”

Another special moment of the day was the horse and carriage which had been paid for by the bride’s grandmother before she passed away. “I am obsessed with horses as a historical reenactor. She knew she wasn’t going to survive until our wedding day and left us the finances to be able to have our dream transport. I will never forget such a gift of love and generosity from the best grandmother I could have wished for. It was a truly emotional but beautiful day.”