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A Handfasting Glastonbury Tor Wedding with a Lord of the Rings Twist


Pagan Photos

December 10, 2020

Sarah and Robbie chose Glastonbury Tor as the location for the intimate handfasting. Due to Covid, they scrapped their plans for a big party, instead focusing on the ceremony with just a few loved ones in attendance followed by photos at Glastonbury Abbey. Overall, they were inspired by the colour green and Tolkien but as Sarah is a Priestess and herbalist, this played a huge role in their choice of ceremony, too.

Fun, Lowkey Wedding Celebration at Glastonbury Festival

Sophie Cooke

Rachel Clarke

August 19, 2019

Lizzie and Nick were halfway to planning a traditional white wedding when they decided to do a 180 and decided to get hitched at Glastonbury instead! They wanted to create a joyful, silly, stress-free celebration of their love that they’d remember forever, and choose their happy place their location. Armed with £1000, they did the admin part in London the morning of the wedding and then hotfooted it down to Somerset to have a friend officiate a ceremony that they wrote themselves.

Sassy and Romantic Two-Day Festival Wedding in the Welsh Mountains

Ellie Kime

Jessica Withey

April 13, 2018

ARE. You. Ready. For this wedding? It's the lushest wedding of all time - full of good vibes, gorgeous people and INCREDIBLE suppliers. Brace yourselves, get a good drink in hand and take a breather because you're going to need to mentally prepare your mind and body for this two-day festival anti-wedding. Captured by the incredible Jessica Withey Photography and immortalised in video by the super cool Costa Sisters Productions...