An Austrian/ English DIY Wedding with Dark Green Details

Daniel Karczag Photography

September 23, 2020

When it came to planning their August wedding, Jess and Hanna wanted to celebrate both Jess’ English background and Hanna’s Austrian one. They chose Colosseum XXI in Austria, the city where they first met, as their venue.

“We didn’t really have a theme so to speak”, they told us. “However, we chose the colour dark green and white roses and used that throughout. The bridesmaid dresses, invites, flowers and table decorations were all green and/or white.”

“Mixing Austrian and English traditions is what made our wedding unique. The ceremony was very personalised by one of our friends and was a perfect mix of both languages. He created our whole ceremony for us, we did not know what it would entail until it was happening.”

They didn’t want to spend a huge amount on decorations so they made the garlands themselves from left scrap pieces of fabric bought from a fabric warehouse, the table names were in frames from IKEA, which they sprayed dark green, and Hanna’s sister gifted them their name sign from Ricardo Style Jewellery which sat on the head table. They also made the table plan themselves, their welcome sign was painted by a friend and the cake and flowers were also gifted.

“Our favourite part of the day was actually getting married!” they continued. “Also, during our first dance the eight bridesmaid and their partners joined us on the dance floor as we got to the end of our dance, it was a very touching and overwhelming moment with a wave of green from the bridesmaids dresses. Also a friend who got married a week before us advised us to leave the guests for a few minutes to spend time alone so we could talk about the day so far and reflect on what was going on around us. It was so lovely to have 10 minutes to enjoy one another.”