Colourful Botanical Themed Festival Wedding with Shetland Unicorns & Food Trucks

Diana Hagues Photography

July 17, 2020

Vicky and Rich’s magical festival wedding day was full of fun, colour and a whole lot of creativity. They had real life unicorns (OK, OK so Shetland ponies with horns on but same-same), Pimms on the lawn, a baby pink ice-cream van and delicious food served from some of Cambridge’s most popular food vans. There was a colourful botanical theme to the decorations which were all made by the bride, her mum and the groom. Vicky’s mum, who owns a haberdashery shop in Cambridge, also added some colourful personal touches to Vicky’s tea-length WED2B dress.

The day started with blessing held in the woodland adjacent to the village green, and although the wedding took place in June, the bride walked down the aisle to a Christmas song – I Wish it Could be Christmas Everyday by Wizard (her favourite!) The space was decked out in fairy lights and an archway covered in hundreds of crocheted flowers made by a friend.

“I think the most unique moment of the day was the ceremony processional”, Vicky said. “The sun was shining, the Christmas hits were playing and the Shetland Unicorns trotted down the aisle in a cloud of bubbles. It was pretty special and surprised the guests. The whole thing was simply magical…. Totally mad but magic.”

“In fact we loved that our whole day was very ‘us’”, she continued, “We didn’t worry about conventions and what we should or shouldn’t do, for example Rich wasn’t keen to have speeches or make a speech so we didn’t and we all had a shot of Tequila instead of champagne before the wedding breakfast!”

There was plenty of DIY in the wedding too. As well as the bride’s dress and all the decorations they also did the flowers and the stationery too. In fact, anything they could reasonably do themselves, they did! “By making all the flowers ourselves we saved a small fortune, but this was also something we really enjoyed doing. Shopping high street for the cake (from M&S) and my dress and then decorating them ourselves saved a lot too. We didn’t get carried away with things like wedding favours but did have gold chocolate coins instead scattered down the tables.”

“Another area we saved on was our homemade stationery. For our RSVPs we requested a ‘thumbs up selfie’ instead of a formal reply, we then used these for the place settings which was a bit of fun. The biggest saving though would have been booze… We were always keen to have a free bar on our wedding day and this in part dictated our venue choice, having the reception at a village hall and green meant we could pre-buy in bulk from a supermarket / wholesaler and avoid costly drink and corkage charges.”