Modern Celestial Elopement with Mid-Western Flare

Laura Lee Powers Photography

December 3, 2019

So this is a shoot, not a real wedding, but if you’re planning to elope then I’m sure you’ll find some inspiration in these images. Put together by Arkansas photographer Laura Power, she wanted to create something different to all the more traditional weddings she sees day in day out.

“Traditional weddings are still the upmost popular thing here in Arkansas”, she writes. “I wanted to bring in elements that you wouldn’t normally see on the side of a mountain. Being from the Midwest typically means a black tux, a white ballgown and weddings held in barns. The inspiration behind this shoot was to give Arkansas a fresh modern take on intimate weddings and elopements. Specifically the hand-embellished pearl cape, short slip dress and gold booties paired with the fringe leather vintage vest.”

She also wanted the elopement to combine nature and true Rock n Roll fashion. “Our groom is a Rock n Roll musician who brought in that western flare, wearing a vintage leather fringe vest that we thrifted and a bolo tie with black pants. He coloured his hair purple to bring colour in and wore two different sets of earrings that were mismatched. Even though this was styled shoot I picked the models because this reflected their relationship and personalities perfectly. I let them be themselves and I feel like that shined and truly made them comfortable.”

“Elopements should be fun and bold wherever you are but most importantly reflect the couple too”, she concludes. “This goes to show you can have a wedding in a beautiful place, thrift a few things and still have the wedding of your dreams. Do whatever you want for your wedding! There shouldn’t be rules!”