A Lazy Las Vegas Elopement

James Westray

February 11, 2019

After getting engaged, Ben and Laura very briefly considered having a ‘normal’ wedding – but after thinking about how much planning and organising would be involved quickly vetoed that idea. “We agreed we definitely didn’t want a big wedding,” said Laura, “so when Ben cheekily suggested Vegas, I agreed immediately!”

While they didn’t have a particular budget in mind, in total for their trip they think they spent around £5,000. “Our flights and hotel were our biggest expense,” said Laura. “We figured as we weren’t splashing out on a big wedding, we should book an amazing hotel.” They saved big time by having no guests present, so there was no big catering tab to pick up, or reception venue to pay for. The both wore highstreet outfits – Laura in a jumpsuit from Coast, and Ben in Joules, and made them their own by adding accessories from Etsy and things they already owned. They relinquished extras like hair and makeup (“I dragged my hair into a low bun with my own fair hands!”) in favour of focusing on what really mattered to them – ending their day being married to each other and celebrating just got they liked it; low key and lazy.

The ceremony was held on a rooftop carpark in Downtown Las Vegas, where they had a simple ceremony with their own vows they’d written for each other. Their celebrant surprised them with a beautiful Native American blessing, and they then went for a wander around town with their photographer to take photos! “A particular highlight was when we were stood in the middle of the road having our photo taken, an open top bus full of tourists stopped next to us and everyone was shouting congratulations and taking photos. It was a very surreal moment!”

Instead of a fancy wedding breakfast, they celebrated with a few cocktails at their hotel bar, then takeaway pizza in their hotel room! “My favourite part of the day was crashing out in our hotel room at the end of the night, eating amazing pizza while wearing fluffy hotel dressings gowns and watching old episodes of Friends on TV!”

When asked if they had any advice for future brides and grooms, they echoed the Rock n Roll Bride ethos of just doing you! “If eating pizza in your PJs is your favourite way to spend time, why wouldn’t you do this for your wedding celebration?! Oh, and definitely wear comfy shoes – I schlepped around Vegas in horrendously uncomfortable shoes and got huge blisters. It’s funny now, but was torture at the time.”