Bridal Boho on LSD

Claudia Rose Carter

August 28, 2015


Boho weddings don’t have to be all burlap and naked cakes, as this beautiful shoot illustrates. It can actually be as bright and colourful as you like! Sent over by Laura of Authentic Vintage Bridal and photographer Claudia Rose Carter, these pretty pictures make me want ditch work, grab my brightest flower crown, and frolic in a field immediately!


“Our idea for this shoot was to combine two of the biggest trends at the moment, boho and vintage, but show them in a different way”, said Laura. “I took a lot of inspiration from the 60s and 70s. I also wanted to show that its not just about the bride the groom is easily overlooked. I wanted to show something fresh and different in groom style.”


“I also wanted get creative as I was seeing the same old thing in styled shoots over and over again. I also wanted to showcase some smaller, newer suppliers that can so easily be missed in the mix but are some of the most wonderful ones around.”