Colourful Handmade Irish Wedding

Paula Gillespie

January 11, 2018

Kelly and Mark met when the bride moved from Ireland to Sydney and she was looking for somewhere to live. Mark opened the door to her when she went to visit the house, so technically they’ve lived together since they first met! They were married in August back in Ireland.

Kelly filled the wedding with so many hand made personal touches. She made her own veil with handmade colourful flowers, hand-embellished all the bridesmaid dresses and made their hair slides. She even hand-painted her own leather jacket. This is one seriously creative bride!

“We didn’t have a theme but once we bought all the bridesmaid dresses it became those colours and flower motifs”, she said. “Weddings are such happy occasions and I wanted everything to reflect that. I also wanted everyone to feel relaxed and neither of us had found wedding planning stressful, so I didn’t want it to feel stressful on the day.”

The small details were what made this wedding truly unique. “Everyone commented on the little details”, she continued. “We also had a humanist ceremony which got a lot of positive comments. A lot of people said they enjoyed how it was light-hearted and fun but with lovely meaning too.”

“My favourite, but also the most emotional, part of the wedding was standing at the top of aisle with my dad and seeing everyone there. It was very overwhelming to know people had made such a big effort for us both and many had travelled a long way to be there.”

“My advice for other couples would be to ensure you take time during the wedding day to spend a few minutes by yourselves”, she concluded. “Those are the little moments you will remember forever. Secondly, if budgets allow, try and have a two day wedding! Hopefully you are only going to do this once, and having two days of celebrations means it doesn’t fly by as fast!”