Modern Industrial Wedding on Long Beach

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April 22, 2017

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Leah and Cale met on OKCupid. After both being engaged before, they were pretty certain very early on what they both did and did not want from a new relationship. After dating for only a year they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

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Their Autumn wedding took place in Long Beach, California, at at event space called Howl. The industrial yet casual vibe of the venue helped set the theme of the day. “Our wedding was a little bit modern, a little bit 60s, and very Californian”, said Leah. “We tried to stay inspired by what the event was all about… us. Our style, our taste in music, our idea of fun.”

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They twisted traditions to make them feel more relevant to them and their relationship. “Instead of a ring, Cale opted for a tattoo”, she continued. “We also decided to forego a cake cutting and a bouquet toss. Everyone was too busy having fun and dancing to stop for one more formality!  I wish I had realised before planning my wedding that when you look back on your big day, all the small details don’t matter. The colour of the table clothes, the napkins, the runners… those are not the things you remember or even notice on the day.”

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“My favourite moment of the day was right after we said ‘I do’ when when we walked back down the aisle together, and gathered with all our closest friends. I’ve never felt so relieved and so happy at the same time.”

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“The only thing I’d do differently if we were doing it all over again would be to listen to my heart more and not my family about who I should invite. People who don’t bring you joy don’t belong there no matter who they are. Our advice to other couples would definitely be don’t sweat the small stuff! Have fun. Be yourself. Laugh off the imperfections, and surround yourself with love!”

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