Halloween Costume Party Wedding with Rainbow Bridesmaids

Sue Kwiatkowska Photography

January 12, 2017


Yes, that’s right, Lizzy and Emma’s wedding was themed around Halloween and rainbows! It doesn’t get any better than that, right!? The couple were married on October 31st (when else?) at The Red Barn in Blindley Heath, Surrey.

“We have been to lots of lovely weddings but often found them to be quite similar” Lizzy explained. “We knew we didn’t want that. We wanted a Halloween wedding that was totally different. We had very unique outfits, there were skulls and pumpkins everywhere, and our little bridesmaids even carried Disney princess dolls instead of flowers because we knew they’d love that.”


“We had a spooky theme for all the decor. I made 50 metres of bunting and pumpkins were carved with the help of friends and family. I also designed all the stationery and tableplan with a spooky theme. Our tables were named after scary ladies such as Lily Munster, Scary Spice, Sue Sylvester, Maleficent, Pam from True Blood, Magenta from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Wednesday Addams. We also put people’s photos on their place cards which everyone liked.”


Both girls has their amazing outfits made for them to their exact spooky specifications. “Emma’s idea for her outfit came from the Madonna video for Ghost Town, I wanted a Tim Burton type dress. I found the amazing Jennifer who runs Jupiter Moon 3 in the USA who took those very loose ideas and designed and made both of our complete outfits! For our bridesmaids we wanted them to be a rainbow and as we have seven nieces it worked out perfectly.”


“Throughout our planning people kept asking us if we’d done this or that yet” she continued. “We were quite calm about the whole thing, it was everyone else that wasn’t! Even when both our outfits (and the four small bridesmaid outfits) got caught at customs we didn’t stress too much. We eventually located them six days before the wedding and had to drive to the depot to collect them where they’d been sitting for over two weeks!!! Everyone else was going mad but we just thought if they didn’t arrive we’d go and buy something else and wear our outfits next Halloween!”


“One of the things we said before we started planning was we weren’t gong to sweat the small stuff. Our advice to other couples would be to do the same. People can become quite anxious over a table display or favours. We thought about the weddings we’d been to and often couldn’t even remember these details. You can spend a ton of money and a lot of time on a tiny detail that in reality no one other than you will even remember the next day so concentrate on the big stuff, and if the little stuff works too then that’s a bonus!”