The End of 2016 (Everything Will Be OK)

Made U Look Photography

December 23, 2016


Is it the weather? Is it the time if year? Is it the fact that for a lot of people 2016 has been a bit shit and there’s way too much uncertainty about what’s to come in 2017? In all honestly, I don’t really know what the reason is (probably all of the above!) but the impending end of 2016 has felt like no other year I can remember.

I am an annoyingly positive person so wanted to close the year out with a little reminder to you that EVERYTHING WILL BE OK… and if it’s not, you’ll figure it out. Whatever you’re feeling apprehensive about – where your business might be headed, how you’re going to get everything on your wedding planning to-do list done, your relationship, your family, your bank balance – whatever it is don’t forget that you are in control of your life and 2017 is a brand new year and a fresh new start. Yes, its a massive cliché but I am a firm believer in always looking for the positive in every situation.

While I’m not one for new year’s resolutions (is any concept more likely to make you feel like a massive loser when you fail?) I do think the end of another 365 days is the perfect opportunity to take stock, look back and realise just how much you’ve achieved – I bet it’s more than you think!

I hope, like me, you’ll be taking a break over the festive period (note to self: must try harder to not feel guilty for taking time off) and you’ll hit 2017 with a fresh new perspective and lots of enthusiasm for what’s to come. YOU CAN DO IT!

PS Just because I’m taking a week off for mulled wine and board game marathons, doesn’t mean Rock n Roll Bride gets a break. I’ve scheduled a bunch of fabulous real weddings, some recaps sharing my favourite posts from the past year and there will be a guide to help you kick start your alternative wedding plans!

If you’re new around these parts, or you’ve just gotten engaged, CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so happy you’re here!