Bohemian Backyard Wedding

Marina Locke

November 8, 2016


Jon and Rach were married in June in their own back garden in Queensland. They both love being outdoors and they wanted to create a relaxed gathering so their friends and family were able to stand and mingle with each other all day.


“The theme of our wedding reflected who we are”, said the bride. “Opening up our home and backyard to all our family and friends was important to us. We wanted everyone to feel the same vibes we feel when we are in our home. The inspiration was literally a vision all in my head that came together.”


The ceremony was overlooking Lake Awoonga, “Our ceremony was so dreamy”, Rach explained. “The spot we picked had a real essence about it. As we overlooked a lake we stood under a bamboo tipi that Jon sourced and made himself. It was just beautiful.”


“The best bit of the wedding was that I was able to take every moment in. Being in our home surrounded by my three best friends (bridesmaids) was more than anyone could ask for. I was even able to head down to the tipi for a few minutes with my tribe and enjoy a dance on the dancefloor before heading to the ceremony. I really did savour each moment. Waiting to get of the car with Dad, I held him tight, breathed in and with excitement softly said to him ‘This is it dad. everyone is waiting for you and I to get out and watch us walk down the aisle.’ I was so happy!! These are my favourite details because moments mean more to the both of us than the things. Walking down the aisle towards Jon was the most ahh-mazing feeling in the world.”


“We had the best day and night ever. I woke up with no expectations of the day, I tried not to worry about things and enjoyed every moment!”