A Colourful Celebration of Love, Friendship and Joy

Lindsay Hite Photography

July 26, 2017

There is nothing I love more than a bright and colourful wedding theme. I’m pretty sure most of you feel the same so I just KNOW you’re all going to adore ogling over this insanely beautiful set of images. Stylist Alexis from Neon Event Productions told me all about their inspiration.

“Our vision for this shoot was a full on celebration of love, friendship and joy. What better way to celebrate winning at love than being surrounded by bright, bold, cheerful colour? We asked a real, engaged couple to be our models so that their love, affection and respect for each other would provide the backdrop for our fun, colourful style ideas. We asked all of our collaborators to think outside the box and channel their inspiration from as far flung influences as 70s rock album covers, contemporary fine art paintings with colour blocking, and Southern California terraces to name just a few.”

“From the whimsical starfruit garnishing the champagne punch to the bright ‘pink lady chair’, the idea was to make guests smile with unexpected effervescent elements. Hand-painting the horizontal table runners added a fun modern twist on traditional table runners. The DIY ceremony backdrop was created to be a cheerful statement piece and to contrast nicely with the simple white lines of the brides’ dress and jumpsuit. Designing such an colourful upbeat celebration was refreshing; I don’t think anyone stopped smiling the entire day!”

Photographer Lindsay Hite had this to say, “I loved planning this shoot with our team, because everyone brought such a positive and creative energy to the project. It was so much fun to play with colour, light, and a neutral space. The couple we had in mind while designing the wedding for are two women that live in the city, and want to celebrate their urban neighbourhood in this beautiful, clean industrial space.”

“Contrasting with the neutral tones of the concrete, glass and metal in the space, our colour inspiration for the decor lies in pure, saturated colour with a touch a whimsy and a healthy dose of influences from contemporary colour blocking. The setting and decor created a lively and playful atmosphere for the joyful celebration of their marriage.”

“We wanted this shoot to fully embrace joy, colour and individuality which we know Rock n Roll brides and grooms rock in their hearts! The goal was to showcase a unique love and energy and a look that breaks free of traditional wedding aesthetic in the hopes of inspiring other couples to go all out!”