Iranian Wedding at Burning Man

Rob Venga Photography

October 28, 2016


Oh boy, have I got a doozy of a wedding for you today. Prepare for your mind to be blown! Arjun and Azadeh travelled all the way over from Dubai to be married in the Black Rock Desert at Burning Man.

“The inspiration for our wedding was our cultures, and having travelled together across India, Iran and 21 different countries”, said the bride. “We used elements that inspired us in our travels so far. I am Iranian and my husband is Sikh and from Dubai.”


The ceremony was held at the Mazu Temple “It was emotional, spontaneous and luckily no one else had planned their ceremony at the spot and time we did! There were two other ceremonies in other parts of the temple though and one looked like a Dothraki wedding out of Game of Thrones!”


“I didn’t have a bouquet”, she continued. “Instead I was holding a transparent box clutch with a pouch that I’d had embroidered ‘baleh’ on which translates into ‘yes’ or ‘I do’ in Farsi. I also added ‘eek onkar’ which translates into ‘one supreme reality’ in Punjabi.”


“My highlight of the day was the moment I tapped Arjun on the shoulder and he turned around to see me for the first time. He said his favourite part was putting on the ring and looking out and seeing this quirky collection of characters, old friends, new friends and curious strangers and onlookers all watching in wonderment.”