Tattooed Disney Themed Wedding

Studio Twelve:52

July 16, 2016

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Lovers of all things Disney, Sarah and Jerrerd knew they had to have a Disney themed wedding. “We got to Disneyland and Disney World together every year and the movie Up is our favourite”, said the bride, “hence the mailbox and the adventure badges for our pins at the wedding. We also both have Disney tattoos  and our two pups are named Meeko and Tug after some of our favourite characters.”

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“It’s also something our wedding party shares in common with us. The morning of the wedding while we were getting ready all the girls all played Disney songs and talked Disney tattoos! Around 90% of our wedding party was tattooed which made for some really fun and interesting photos too.”

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“Our theme, other than Disney, was shades of turquoise and gold. We wanted to keep it simple and very clean. Most people won’t notice all the details or worry if you didn’t fold/ cut/ colour something perfectly. We just wanted to have fun! In saying that I did make our bouquets and I also glittered wine bottles and turquoise tinted mason jars for the centrepieces.”

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The best bit of the day for this pair was the ceremony. “I was really nervous since it was an April wedding in Minnesota and sometimes it can still feel like winter here at that time of year! Luckily it turned out to be a sunny day! The ceremony was on the front steps of the courthouse and we could not have asked for a more perfect day to get married. Seeing my husband for the first time dressed up and seeing all my friends watching us get married was an amazing moment.”

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The wedding budget was $5,000. “The biggest expense for us was catering. We wanted to have fun food so we served a BBQ! We had a company come in and do it rather than DIYing it though which added to the cost. We saved around $1000 on our venue by getting married on a Sunday though!”

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