Disco Circus of Love


June 17, 2016

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A baby pink Cadillac, gin cocktails, a glitter station, a unicycling juggler, a  hula hooper… Yep Harri and Al’s June celebration was every bit a Rock n Roll wedding!

“When we started planning we themed things around our love of travel and vintage”, the bride said. “When we contacted our suppliers I told them our wedding was going to be a ‘vintage, travel, Around the World in 80 Days, elephants, gin, pink haired tattooed bride type of affair’. However as we got further down the planning we actually started to add more things we like such as festivals, glitter, hula hooping and circus! Al joked that we were planning a ‘Disco Circus of Love’… and it just stuck! We ended up putting it on our wedding invites, kept the theme on our website and got our guests to hashtag #discocircuswed.”

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“In the end we had an incredible mish mash that included a pink Cadillac, gin cocktails, a unicycling juggler, hula hooper, a Moroccan feast, moustaches, vintage circus acts as table names, a glitter station and pyrotechnic fire dancers!”

The wedding was held at Larmer Tree Gardens in Salisbury. “Our venue was a bigger expense than we had planned, but when we went to Larmer Tree we fell it love with it and knew it was ‘the one'”, she explained. “I also knew from the off that I wanted an amazing photographer and videographer so that was our next big expense, and totally worth every penny.”

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“My favourite part of the day, besides the ceremony, was the disco at the end of the night. We had Disco Wed who were AWESOME. We had Lionel Richie Up All Night as our first dance and after rocking out our moves for the first minute when we invited everyone to come and join us when the chorus drops that was really amazing. Everyone singing along! Who doesn’t love Lionel!? We also had a proper rave for the final hour.”

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“Our last song was Praise You, and during the last minute where the music drops slightly everyone on the dance floor crouched down and then jumped up for the last chorus. It sounds ridiculous writing it down, but it was amazing! After that all our friends made a massive tunnel with their hands and we ran down it to our waiting taxi. Magical.”

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“My advice to other couples would be to make sure you spend time with your best friends”, she concluded. “I wish I’d chatted more to my bridesmaids to really take in the moment. It goes just in a total whirlwind and it’s so hard to do! We haven’t got any drunken photos of us all together!”

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“Also, make sure you keep some of your quirky ideas secret if you feel that people won’t appreciate them. I didn’t tell anyone about the glitter station, my beautiful rainbow high tops or the juggling unicyclist in case they wouldn’t be positive about it. But if it’s your vision, them just go for it, on the day everyone will get on board with whatever you’ve planned and love it!”

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