Colourful Wedding with Dinosaurs

Jes Hunter Photography

June 29, 2016

colourful wedding with dinosaurs (19)

Chanel and Ray’s South African wedding was a quirky affair implementing their favourite colours… plus dinosaurs and lots of other things they love!

“We took everything we loved and put it into our wedding”, the bride began. “Ray inspires me every day and I wanted that to show in our wedding. We make magic together and I wanted our quests to not only see it, but feel it.”

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The bride wore a green dress designed by the bride and groom with the help of a dressmaker. “My dress maker, Rose van Staden, has made countless cosplay outfits for my husband so she was the obvious choice. I decided to not go with white, but rather my favourite colour: mint green with touches of charcoal. My dress also had gold studs on the chest just to add a bit of edge. We bought all of the material and trimmings from our local bulk fabric outlet. My shoes were a present from my husband, he’d surprised me with the most spectacular pair of Converse All Stars I’d ever seen! They’re white leather, with scales like that of a dragon. My flower crown was made by our friend Cynthia but what made it special was that it had little turquoise skulls in the flowers.”

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“Ray also designed his own outfit with the help of Rose. His jacket was the most beautiful men’s jacket I’ve ever seen, honestly. It was charcoal on the outside and a very cool multi sheen red silk on the inside and the design was inspired by My Chemical Romance’s Black Parade music video, as well as Vash the Stampede’s coat from the anime series Trigun. The jacket has tails and pirate cuffs and it was a perfect reflection of my husband and how insanely cool he is. His pants & belt were bought at a local outlet store. He’s also a huge Deadpool fan so he wore Deadpool cufflinks which I gave to him as a wedding gift.”

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“My advice to other couples would be to try and do as much as possible for your own wedding, and your partner’s support is incredibly important. Make it personal, it’s all about you and how much you love each other. See this as a challenge to really take your relationship to new heights! There will be little arguments and difference in opinions, but that’s how you learn. And if you can overcome that, you can overcome anything. You’re marrying your best friend at the end of the day!”

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