Lovely Lesbian Barn Wedding: Sarah & Sibley

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Sarah and Sibley’s wedding was held at The Barn at South Milton. They planned a day to celebrate them, the joining of their families and do have a damn good time! Spending just £7000, they saved money by wearing high street clobber (Sarah’s incredible sequinned dress from JS Collections at House of Fraser and Sibley’s snappy suit from Moss Bros) having a DIY cake, picking wild flowers and making all their own paper goods and decorations.

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“Our theme was a rustic barn, country style wedding”, Sarah wrote. “I guess the difference from most traditional weddings was that we made most things ourselves with the help of one of our best friends. We also didn’t have any kids there. It meant there was no loud screaming through the ceremony or speeches, parents didn’t have a distraction and could let their hair down and enjoy themselves.”

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“We were incredibly relaxed and not bridezilla brides at all,” she continued. “We just wanted to have a massive celebration with our friends. I think a lot of people have always rooted for us as a couple. That, and us probably being the only gay couple a lot of people know, it was a big celebration for everyone. It was also incredibly special that gay marriage was legalised at the end of March and we were one of the first few couples to get married in the South Hams.”

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“All our invites, the table plans, table decorations, our order of the day, all our signs we made by  us. We made stencils and spray painted them onto old scaffolding boards. We also used old floorboards and treated, sanded and painted them in red and grey to use used them for our breadboards. Both the signs and boards came out really well and have since been used to decorate our garden!”

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“The favourite part of the day for us both was the ceremony and speeches”, she said. “We had a personalised ceremony performed by a friend which made it more sincere and definitely more heartfelt than if it was a stranger doing it. We had speeches before the food and they were very long, funny and very entertaining.”

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“Our biggest expense was the venue at £4000 but it was totally worth it! Paula and Paul, who own it, were on-hand all day and night, and busied and directed unnoticed the whole time. The venue price included a lot of things, like tables and chairs, heating, spring water on tap, the photo booth, table runners, jam jars and anything that was left over from previous weddings! They were so helpful and the nicest people, we couldn’t thank them enough. We also had the venue from Tuesday evening to Sunday afternoon AND camping was free onsite!”

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“Our advice to other couples would be to just enjoy it all”, she concluded, “the build up, preparation, the day itself. You can get to caught up in the little things and on the day none of it will matter. We also thought it to be really important to act like guests at our wedding! It was much more fun than being the centre of attention all the time! Another thing is to take time out to be with each other, Brett, our photographer, took us off for photographs for probably about an hour, and it was great to walk back to the buzz and think that all those people were there for us.”

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  1. Samantha

    I know it’s two women getting married, but would you ever use the headline Happy Hetrosexual Wedding? Can it not just be a great couple had a fabulous wedding, and they just happen to be of the same gender. And it is a FABULOUS wedding!

  2. Post author

    Samantha – I might! 😛

    I dont usually label weddings as per their sexual orientation but these babes were very into the idea. You can tell from their write up that they are very excited and proud to be two women, finally allowed to get married, hence why I wanted to highlight it in the subject line.

  3. LOVE this wedding. The photos are magic. Sadie and Marie that I shot and you featured last week asked to be announced in to the meal at their wedding as Here Come The Lesbos. It was ace!

  4. Beth

    As a guest at this wedding I can only say that it was one of the most heart warming, emotional days that I have experienced.

    If gay couples were just as equal to heterosexual couples in the eyes of others then yes, you have a point however, as Sarah stated earlier they were the 2nd gay couple to be married in the SOUTHAMS! Good reason to celebrate it right?!


  5. Samantha

    Fair enough – I’m just aware from my gay friends and family that they hope that in society it gets to a place where they are not defined by their sexuality, for it to be that they just happen to love someone of their own gender – just as I happen to love someone who is a fellow Brummie, ha ha!

  6. Emma

    I was also a guest at this wedding and have been close friends with these two lovely ladies for a long time. It was such a wonderful event and everyone who attended was left feeling all warm and fuzzy from the sheer amount of love and happiness. Brett captured some amazing moments in his fantastic photos. I loved that it was called “lesbian barn wedding”!! xx

  7. Love all those pictures. Im a wedding dj in switzerland. Play in clubs, at company events and weddings. As I play also from time to time for gay club events, I was booked for a gay wedding some weeks ago. Amazing experience. So there is no difference between a straight or gay wedding.


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