Bohemian Folk Wedding in Brazil

The Times We Have

March 11, 2016

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Juliana and Fabio’s wedding was held at Mansão Atrium in Brazil. Their bohemian and folk themed day was actually completely inspired by a wedding they saw on Instagram!

“Our idea was  to make things as simple as possible”, said the bride. “We didn’t want our wedding to have a luxurious or classical feel. We wanted everyone to be themselves. Aesthetically our wedding may seem pretty similar to others, but in Brazil it was a very big challenge to have an organic simple wedding. We wanted it to feel like a big family dinner or a weekend camping.”

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The ceremony was held outdoors. “The pastor who officiated our ceremony is a personal friend of the groom which made made it much more personal. The words he used were kind and gave a special touch and fun to the ceremony. I would advise other couples to have someone they know conduct their ceremony. If they know you and your history it will make it so much more meaningful”.

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The bride wore a dress made by her friend and she made her own headpiece. “I did a few things for the wedding myself including my headpiece, my bouquet, the dreamcatchers and the favours which were candles”, she explained. “We were also able to save money on
the venue since we didn’t use the main hall. We decided to have the wedding in the garden.”

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“Planning the wedding together was an excellent opportunity to get to know each other even better”, she concluded. “We really enjoyed the whole run up and the day itself. We wouldn’t change a thing!”