Eclectic Bohemian Wedding: Jake & Amanda

Chris J. Evans Photography

September 22, 2013


Jake and Amanda spent just $4000 on their amazing wedding. Everything, bar the catering, was either homemade or donated by friends and family. The location was a friend’s estate in Chatsworth, California. They chose a secluded clearing amongst the trees with breath taking views as their ceremony spot.


“The décor was modern bohemian and eccletic”, began the bride. “Our theme was kind of rustic American mixed with moroccan and indian influences. The backdrop of our friends property really helped frame a western fairytale. Our intent was to stay true to ourselves while providing friends and family a meaningful ceremony and a fantastic celebration. We felt by having so much help from our family and friends, we brought back an older tradition of a community coming together to truly celebrate the union of their newest family.”


“We wrote our own vows and had several of the guests say that it was the sweetest, most heart felt wedding ceremony they had ever attended”, she continued. “Overall, the guests also told us it was one of the best weddings they had ever been to, they were able to relax and have a good time. The groom’s aunt described the wedding as ‘starting off very classy with crystal champagne flutes topped with bubbly to ending the night stealing Natty Light Beers from the Father of the Bride’s cooler’. The mother of the groom did a keg stand in her dress. We even had wedding crashers that danced with us and signed our guest book. Everyone had a great time and that’s what we wanted. A joining together of our family and friends to celebrate us and the love we share!  A party that everyone could enjoy.”


“We knew we wanted to have a wedding that honored who we and our families are: laid back, sincere, and most of all fun”, Amanda concluded. “And we wanted to throw a HUGE party. My favorite thing about our day was that it was all held outdoors in such a beautiful setting. Also that all of our friends and family were such a big part of it.”