Homegrown and Locally Sourced Bohemian Wedding: Lindsey & Jason

Ayres Photography

August 8, 2014


Lindsey and Jason were married at The Red House in Cassadaga, in upstate New York. The venue really set the tone for their casual, DIY day. “Our wedding theme was laid back, bohemian, vibrant and eclectic”, explained the bride. “Which truly reflected Jason and I. We really didn’t stick to the traditional formalities when planning our wedding but instead we choose to personalize our day in a way that we felt most comfortable with.”


“Our wedding was also completely do-it-yourself!” she continued. “We really wanted to keep it simple, colorful and fun. The venue was really cool, it was a Victorian style house with a beautiful yard and a great big barn. Since It was such a unique location, I really wanted to keep our décor simple enough so that it would complement our location without taking away from the natural beauty of the place. We tried to recycle and reuse as much as we could while really bringing in our unique sense of style.”


“We love bright colors and decided to not choose any one color scheme, but to include all colors. Our centerpieces included mason jars full of locally grown, mixed flowers that sat on top of a book page table runner. Jason and I picked the wild flowers the morning of our wedding for my headpiece and the rest were homegrown by a local family who then sells them at the farmers market.”


“We also re-purposed and decorated baby food jars which we then grew wheat grass in. This project was one of my favorites and it really added a fun element to our tables. We covered the tables with paper table cloths and topped them with brown paper. I re-purposed broken crayons into heart shaped crayons so that our guests could color on the paper covering their table while they were sitting at their seats.”


“We had home made chalkboards around the barn which included some of our favorite quotes as well as our drink and food menus etc. I am a photographer and so I naturally have a lot of photographs of our family that I really wanted to display at our reception. I printed out some of my favorite images from my instagram account as well as photos from our engagement session and other images that I have captured over the years and we had them displayed in the barn for our guests to enjoy. The barn was decorated with twinkly lights and it was just perfect.”


“My favorite part of our wedding was our ceremony”, Lindsey said. “We got married outside in the yard under tall trees. Our ceremony began around 4:30pm so the sun was softly falling through the leaves of the trees above us and onto our guests below. We stood under an arbour that was made out of old wooden ladders by a friend of mine. There was a ring of flowers on the ground around us.”


Lindsey’s dress and accessories came from The Dress Shop in Buffalo, NY. She spent less than $100 on her outfit. “One of our biggest savings was on my dress”, she concluded. “My entire outfit including jewelry cost under $100. When I was dress shopping I knew that I didn’t want a traditional wedding gown, it just wasn’t my style. I was open to trying on a variety of dresses to see what felt right. When I found my wedding dress at a locally own dress shop it felt perfect. It wasn’t the price that was important to me when choosing my dress. I really just wanted something that I felt comfortable in, that felt like me!”