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A Lesbian Batman & Snow White Got Married

Clare and Amy had humanist ceremony followed by a big reception with all their family and friends at the start of December, but they didn’t get the legal bit sorted out at the same time. Just before Christmas, the couple needed to attend Warwick Registry office to sign the papers. However, they didn’t just want to go down in their wedding outfits or jeans, they wanted to make it fun and so opted to hire their photographer again and dress as Batman and Snow White, because why the hell not, right? A few of their theatre friends and besties came along, also dressed as their favourite Marvel or Disney characters and they got some truly memorable photos of the day.

“We are two lesbians dressed as Snow White an Batman getting married… I’m not sure you can get more alternative than that!” the couple laughed. “Although we had our more formal day, neither of us wanted to wear our wedding clothes for the second one. We didn’t conform, and just did what made us laugh.”

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Casual Wedding Officiated by Batman

Wedding Officiated by Batman (13)

I’m not sure there’s anything cooler than having your wedding officiated by a superhero! Emily and Eric’s Saratoga Springs wedding wasn’t really themed though, they just picked random things that they liked and threw them all together.

“Our wedding was casual with a touch of vintage, and rustic,” said the bride. “We didn’t have one set theme. Our minister was Batman and the ceremony was short and sweet. Our officiant wrote a beautiful speech and we did our own vows. The tone was very honest and sincere. The strangest part was that even though we were up there in front of all of our friends and family, it felt like it was just us and our minister. It was very intimate. Don’t look at the crowd! ”

Wedding Officiated by Batman (7)

“We spent months collecting vintage oil lamps for dĂ©cor”, she continued. “We also took part in a German log cutting tradition. We also had pictures to honour some of our loved ones who are no longer with us (his granddads, my grandparents) on a little table as part of our lounge set up. We did our own flower arrangements and my dad made all of the wooden boxes. The day before the wedding all the women in the family got together and had mimosas and arranged the flowers. We were supposed to have two cakes delivered, but they didn’t show up! So some friends ran off to a supermarket and bought a bunch of different cakes. In the end, our cake table ended up looking beautiful!”

Wedding Officiated by Batman (29)

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Batman & Jester Wedding with the Groom Arriving on a Camel!

Batman jester camel wedding (43)

I bet you’ve never seen a wedding quite like this! A groom in a purple suit arriving on a camel is totally normal right? The wedding took place in the bride’s parent’s back garden in San Marcos, California, in July.

“My parents had been wanting to remodel the back yard for years, and the wedding gave the excuse to finally do the upgrades they desired”, began Anna, the bride. “They removed several palm trees, built a retaining wall and put in a staircase from the top level to the lower level that ended up being the perfect aisle. They also planted green and purple flowers and vegetation so that the backyard was completely in our colours by the time of the wedding.”

Batman jester camel wedding (21)

I don’t think we can go much further without mentioning their guest of honour, Camelot the camel! ” Keith just loves camels”, Anna said. “Our home and his desk at work are decorated with dozens of camel figures. Shortly after we started dating, we learned that there is a camel dairy in Ramona. We have been to there many times for their events and shows. However, it was my parents that first suggested that Keith ride into the ceremony on a camel. So, we had to! He came in as Nine Inch Nails played.”

Batman jester camel wedding (27)

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