Autumnal Wedding in Sweden

Anders Östman

February 2, 2016


Magda and David wanted a simple autumnal wedding with lots of warm colours. Their reception was held in a restaurant with gold chandeliers and they decorated the tables with ivy and leaves. “We wanted the wedding to feel like we were just at home”, the bride said. “Our dress code was ‘whatever makes you feel relaxed’ and we made almost everything ourselves.”


The day started with a quick ceremony at Gothenburg town hall. “The ceremony lasted for about 30 seconds and was very simple. There were a few words of  wisdom from the officiant about listening to and appreciating each other, the classic ‘Do you take each other?’ and so on before the kiss and it was over! Outside on the steps our families threw uncooked rice and confetti.”


“After the ceremony we went to a local pub called Holy Moly. We hadn’t reserved it, we just showed up, so you can imagine the looks we got walking in in our full wedding attire! However we wanted to pop by as it’s the place we were when we decided to finally set a date! We were already engaged but hadn’t done anything for the wedding. We were a little drunk and a friend asked us when we were going to get married. We both said ‘Soon I hope!’ and when we got home that night we booked the ceremony for a few weeks later!”


“We planned the wedding very quickly but I I loved how spontaneous it all was”, Magda concluded. “My favourite part of the wedding was after dinner, when it became a big party! We danced and had a great time. It felt really good to have everyone we love there with us.”