Israeli Circus Wedding

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There’s nothing quite like a circus wedding! The fashion designer bride made her own dress as well as her groom’s attire, and the bridesmaid dresses. She also did all the reception décor, what a wonder woman!

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“Our wedding was very colourful”, said bride, Yasmin. “I create 350 decorated hats for the guests. The wedding was very unique and wild. We had circus acts that entertained the crowd and no-one was expecting it!”

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“Our biggest expense was all the decorations, even though I did them all myself. It took three months so create everything. Because I’m a designer it was very important for me to have the most interesting wedding design I could. I loved making everything, including everyone’s clothes. Moshe, my husband wore a red waistcoat.”

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“We had different circus acts such as ‘asphalt theatre’ and ‘bubbling theatre’. The wedding was a wild combination between circus and nature and it was perfect!”


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  1. Ruth C.

    WHOA! What an incredible, surreal wedding!!! Kudos to the bride for all of the effort, creativity, and hard work she put into pulling this off. And the person or people who made this video should be making movies. TERRIFIC job!


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