Vegan Vintage Sideshow Wedding: Andi & Brian

After four years of dating, Andi & Brian were engaged while on a trip to Australia. Brian proposed while they were visiting Luna Park in Sydney, which is affectionately referred to as the ‘Coney Island of Australia’. So when it came to planning their wedding this was their starting point.

“We really wanted to have a wedding that was very fun and non-traditional, so we kept with a vintage Coney Island/sideshow theme”, explained the bride. “It was perfect for us. Having the right décor was key in making the vintage-y, Coney Island feel that we were hoping to accomplish. We were so lucky to work with great vendors who were excited to help, especially Obnoxious Antiques who we rented the vintage carnival and sideshow pieces from. They also provided the sideshow banners that were hanged throughout the venue. A friend even painted a custom sideshow banner of Brian, me and our dogs!”

“It was also important to us to have a vegan wedding”, Andi continued. “We worked with Miss Rachel’s Pantry. She and her people created a killer vegan menu for us that kept within our fun, Coney Island/carnival theme. The best vegan bakery on the planet, Vegan Treats, created our blue velvet tiered cake and both the popcorn box cakes which were all were decorated with gold-leaf popcorn.”

The ceremony also had a lot of added extras. They wanted to keep it short and non-traditional ceremony with lots of surprises for their guests. “To start, all of our guests received a ‘ceremony snack’ of popcorn and a prop (moustache, lips, glasses, etc) on a stick, along with the wedding program. Our abbreviated vows were then followed by our officiant’s act of fire breathing, while confetti cannons were set off in the audience!”

Andi & Brian wanted to provide lots of fun activities for their guests to get involved in. They had a photo booth, fun house mirrors and an antique ‘guess your weight’ chair. The evening was rounded off by sideshow entertainment from Olde City Sideshow. “Even the reception seating was geared to be fun”, Andi remembered. “Instead of table numbers, guests were seated at ‘sideshows’. I created the main centerpieces from cigar boxes and decoupage pictures of vintage sideshow banners. It was really cool to see the guests checking out the boxes on other tables. For the guest’s table settings, each napkin ring was created from carnival roll tickets.”

So fun! Thank you to Andi & Brian and their wedding photographer Mike of Allebach Photography for sharing with us today.

Supporting Cast

Photography Credit: Allebach Photography
Venue: The Ice House, Bethlehem, PA
Bride’s Dress: Stephanie James Couture
Bride’s Shoes: Vivienne Westwood/Melissa
Bride’s Lingerie: Dottie’s Delights
Bride’s Headpiece: VintageBox1947
Groom’s/Groomsmen’s Outfits: The RRL Collection by Ralph Lauren
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Whirling Turban
Bridesmaid’s Accessories: Tarina Tarantino
Cake & Favors: Vegan Treats
Popcorn: The Popcorn Works
Flowers: Rose Boutique
Hair: PinMeUp Hair
Make Up: Margherita Tisato
Ceremony Music: Lou Rogai of Lewis & Clarke
Stationery: Mary Gardner
Catering: Miss Rachel’s Pantry
Rentals: Special Events Tent & Party Rentals
Décor/Props: Obnoxious Antiques
Custom Sideshow Banner: Dylan Smith
PhotoBooth: Dan’s Camera City
Entertainment: Olde City Sideshow
Planner: Angelic Affairs


  1. Soya

    I love love love this wedding! ^_^ I’m jealous I’m from the Uk, & so it is highly un-likely our registrar will be fire breathing!

    I’d love to know how their vegan menu went down with the guests, & with both familys.. I’m vegan & my h2b is pescitarian, & so we want a vege/vegan wedding breakfast, & vege/vegan/pesci evening buffet, but this has caused HUGE problems with my family.. As it stands I havn’t spoken to my mum for 5 weeks because of it, & this week found out she has said she wont be attending the wedding.. This is made worse by the fact the afternoon reception is at her home.. 5.5 months to go til W-day!

  2. Post author

    what!? she wont go to her daughter’s wedding because youre not serving meat? forgive me but that sounds mightily selfish. I hope you get it sorted out 🙁

  3. Sasha

    Just letting you know 🙂
    This bit here: “…Luna Park in Sydney, which is affectionately referred to as the ‘Coney Island of Australia’”
    It is not affectionately called Coney Island after Coney Island in NY. There is a big chunk of the park that is ACTUALLY called Coney Island.
    <3 <3
    Love the fire breathers!

  4. Amazing wedding, I think it would scare most of my family if it was mine but if it’s what they are in to then good on them! Love the outside photography particularly, nicely done Mike & Rachel!

    Soya get married because you want to and do the things you want, it’s you and your partners day after all. I know there may need to be a level of compromise but at the end of the day it’s your wedding and you should be able to have what you want from the venue to the food.

    Hope it all works out 🙂

  5. Brian

    When we started planning the wedding there was some “issues” with us not having meat or alcohol at our wedding. Neither of eat meat or drink alcohol. Lots of people said they we need to think of our guest… Well if you knew me you would know how we’ll that went over. This was our day and as far as I was concerned if you didn’t like it then don’t come. My concern was Andis happiness on this day. Needless to to say, all the meat eating skeptics loved the food… Miss Rachel’s Pantry killed it.


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