Love at The Big Top: Lucy & Adam


I love Lucy & Adam’s wedding SO MUCH. Not only did it take place in my home town of Reading (yey!) but they hired a big top to host their reception! But this wasn’t any old circus wedding, oh no these guys went all out. An airstream stage, a granny’s living room and musical performers a-plenty!


“We knew our priorities pretty early on – lots of people partying late into the night”, explained the bride. “We put lots of effort and thought into the wedding being fun and no thought towards ‘impressiveness’. We didn’t care about the venue being fancy – we just wanted a patch of land which had a 24-hour license (preferably with no charge). We found it with Rivers Health Club in Reading and we hired our big top tent from BigTopMania. Amazingly, it was only a little further down the Thames from the church, so we loved the idea of having a boat get the guests from one to the other.”


“We love festivals. We go to a lot of them and a lot of our favourite times have been at them”, she continued. “We also loved the idea of having absolutely nothing matching and no colour scheme. We just bought things that made us happy (mainly from charity shops). We didn’t want the wedding to look like we were trying to be a festival, we just wanted to steal ideas – like the ‘Granny’s Living Room’.”


“Our favourite tent at a festival is always decked out to look like a Granny’s front room. It has a piano in it which anybody can play and loads of songbooks, so people can sit round on sofas and have a singsong. We set one up at the wedding – along with sloe gin and port in decanters and lots of rugs – and it worked a charm. Was a great alternative to the dancefloor and proved very popular for the older generation. It helped that my uncle was a professional pianist – he was the lynchpin.”


“I’m a TV Producer and spent last year living with a circus (as you do!), so that gave me the idea of a big top. We have a VW camper van ourselves so that inspired our cake and our ‘world’s smallest rave’, We have always had the dream that when we get rich we’ll buy an airstream so we rented the airstream stage. It also looked incredible and provided a great focal point.”


“The FUN light up sign was a project I asked a couple of talented friends who spent weeks making it. It’s now on our balcony and is a lovely (and large) momento of the day. The other thing we were really keen to do was to have all our friends perform. We have a lot of talented friends so over the day we had a friend and family choir in the church, another choir (which Adam was in anyway), a singer and his violinist wife, a band and four of our friends DJing till 5 am.”


So damn awesome. Thank you to Lucy & Adam and their supremely talented wedding photographer Adam of for sharing with us today.

Oh and PS – you might have noticed the blog looks rather different this morning!? I’ll be explaining more about the next design in the Green Room later today, but feel free to have a browse around in the meantime and let me know what you think via twitter!



  1. Congrats on the New site! It’s clean and navigation is fast. That wedding’s pretty cool also, I loved the detail of the painting of the 2 dogs on the 4th pic!

  2. The redesign looks FANTASTIC so clean and quick. I love the magazine feel. It really feels like I’m reading your magazine if that makes sense. I love when you click through to an article a photo goes behind the rock n roll bride header. LOVE, LOVE LOVE! The photography of this post is spectacular. Adam is a master, how in the world did he get the one of the make up behind the bride. I’m baffled. Adam can you please tell me!!!!

  3. Fabulous wedding, I love granny’s living room. Love the new site as well so bright and clean, great for showcasing such fabulous photographs.

  4. Love the transition throughout this eclectic wedding.

    From traditional church wedding with from Packham lace dress and long train together with vintage/veteran bridal car, to brooch bouquet, then onto circus reception, bangers, mash n peas then a late night rave!

    Dont know how you managed to pull it off, but clearly you did! Well done the both of you!

  5. steph

    those animal paintings are from amelie right? amazing!
    AND lionel? just perfect! the photo with the umbrellas lit up is breathaking x

  6. Once again.. Kat .Thanks for featuring another one of our weddings.. i havent seen f these they are great shots….and hey.. we lived/ based in Reading for 20+ years.. were were you then?

    Thanks again Adam & Lucy..a really chilled couple!

  7. One of the coolest, quirkiest weddings! So many fabulous alternative ideas – I love this wedding!

  8. Khadija

    This couple is so beautiful and harmonic. Wish your family all the best : )


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