Bohemian Polish Folk Wedding

Karolina & Pawel by WhiteSmoke Studio

Polish born Karolcia and Paweł were married in June at a church in Skierniewice. They then travelled to Nieborów for their casual reception at Oberża pod Złotym Prosiakiem, a restaurant in a beautiful all wooden building. It rained (A LOT!) but it didn’t dampen their spirits one little bit!

Karolina & Pawel by WhiteSmoke Studio

“We met at primary school”, began the bride, “we used to sit together at the same desk! For our wedding we wanted something boho and Rock n Roll but also inspired by Polish folk.”

“We loved planning the wedding together”, she continued. “Each decision that we had to make brought us closer and we even got to know each other better!”

Karolina & Pawel by WhiteSmoke Studio

“There is nothing we’d change about our wedding. Our parents helped us plan too, my dad made more than 100 candles for the reception and my mum decorated the garden and the church.”

Karolina & Pawel by WhiteSmoke Studio



  1. Jessica Davis

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a happier bride! So beautiful and I love the photos in the rain, just goes to prove if you have your priorities right that bad weather or other issues don’t have to ruin your day! Lovely positive attitude! xx


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