Glamorous & Bohemian Wedding Inspired by Vogue

Vanilla Photography

June 1, 2015


There are some weddings I see where I wonder if it’s actually photo shoot with models. Tyrone, Camilla and their whole wedding party are so goddamn stunning, they almost don’t seem real!

But I assure you, this is a real wedding. It took place in South Africa on March 28th. “I’m not a traditional kind of girl, so I knew our wedding wouldn’t be very typical”, began Camilla. “I think if I had to choose the things that made our wedding slightly more unique were definitely our photos; I loved the idea of having a wedding album that looked more like a fashion editorial and I spent the day yelling ‘Vogue!’ at the groomsmen to get their Blue-Steel on!”


As if you’re not already feeling envious enough, Camilla actually designed her own wedding dress as well as the dresses her bridesmaids wore (is there no end to her talents?!) and had them made by a local dressmaker. They also planned and executed the entire wedding themselves, without the help of a wedding planner. “Champagne and nude have always been my colours, so I knew I wanted a different kind of dress”, she continued. “The fabric can from Bridal & Fabric World and was exactly what I had envisioned. I was also so keen to get my bridesmaids in leather jackets. I had a vision and it worked out so well! I think also having my brother-in-law with all of us girls put the cherry on top; he was our ultimate accessory.”


“If I was to pick a theme I would say it was very much a mixture of bohemian and rustic. However I never really gave it much thought. It was just all the kind of things we like put together. The music we chose really set the mood for our wedding too. It was all very up-beat, even the walking down the aisle song which Ty chose. I think our guests knew immediately that this would be a different kind of celebration.”


“The main DIY project was definitely our ‘hanging gardens of Babylon in our reception’!” she laughed. “Jokes aside, my dad spent months deliberating how he was single handedly (only because he refused help) going to suspend the wooden crates from the rafters. He made such a fancy little contraption (with hooks and suspended poles) that six crates only took him half an hour to get up there! Record time! If I had known that I would have asked him to hang 20 because they were definitely my favourite piece of décor!”


Despite all the beautiful décor, the bride’s favourite part of the day was the ceremony. “Marrying my best friend was so emotional”, she said, “in a really good way though! I laughed and cried and was the happiest I have ever been. It just felt magical and I knew it was the most important day of my life and the most cherished part of the whole day!”


“I don’t think we would change anything major from the day”, she concluded. “We were really happy with how all the small details came together. I think the only thing we would have altered slightly was the amount of alcohol beverages that were served during canapé’s. It’s a long day so people need to last and I think there might have been a bit too much good liquor flowing!”